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  1. Wsg Alliance camping

    kent riid neim, pls wrait egein bikker oke?
  2. I heard from a staff member

    i heared this:
  3. PvP Addons

    CC Watch must have for rogue/ wl, Energy watch for rogues.
  4. STV - Raptor Mastery

    his spawn timer is bugged for a year now about 3 hours respawn timer.
  5. ...................

    welcome to wow
  6. i lvld up with campers on the faction. if they corpse camp me, i just ressurect on gy and go somewhere else. if you have already a geared char go like this: (includes the 2vs1 situation )
  7. Ganking is a part of classic, its like farming / raiding / BG PvP a part of the game, if you like it or not. got cancelled with wotlk / cata cuz you dont even have to leave city and so on... yep after wotlk / cata there are no pvp server anymore. say me whats better: some rndm got killed OR Totally Player empty enviroment
  8. Ban the user above you!

    banned cuz quitted playing on server
  9. 2h fury will only work out on horde side in mc ,till max bwl.2h melee speccs /classes are simply not viable for pve in classic. you will deal more dmg with 2 1handers. but you asked for a specc. here is one: -no imp Heroic Strike cuz you will use slam if you have to bump rage. -hold Bloothirst and Whirlwind on CD -if there are tons of enemies and you have to bump rage, use Cleave but spare rage to hold WW on CD. -your overpowers will hit hard, use them always but i already mentioned, you will deal less dmg then 2 1h fury.
  10. STV

    play on a PvE server, OWAIT! poor guy. for your interest, classic was never fair, so why trying to change that fact? next time you cry "QQ full duration Fear, PLS BAN ALL WLS!"
  11. Warrior Macros

    wierd, it should work if you just copy & paste it. at least if i copy&paste it from here in a new macro its working.
  12. Da "Hurr Durr" Talk

    dafaq iz diz tawpik awaut? o rait, notin))))))))
  13. Warrior Macros

    cancelaura is TBC command i guess, doesnt work for me at least