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  1. [Addon] ag_UnitFrames customized

    -Long name support changed to long text support, now the function is working with "NameLabel", "HealthText", "ManaText" and "ClassText". The way to make a layout support this is the same as it was before with only NameLabel. For more information ag_UnitFrames/layouts/dynamic_font-size.txt -Made an option to disable the config menu that pops up when you click a frame, while holding ctrl, or alt. -Made comments to highlight those parts that I wrote, or changed so far @baassee Thank you. I made it possible to setup the HealthText as you could with the NameLabel. If it's not enought, you can modify the width of the HealthText, to say 12985/13... instead of 12985/13000 if it would be otherwise longer than the width you specified. I'm studying regex statements right now for another addon, if I finish that I'll look into making an option to make 1300 appear 1,3k @mLLw The option is now given to turn that off!
  2. [Addon] ag_UnitFrames customized

    To be honest I noticed that it's sometimes buged, but never realy cared about it, I might take a look if you want me to. I have a hunter who owns me a favor anyway (But if you could show me error messages, or could name cases when they bug out it would speed up the process for sure!) The changes for the latest modifications are ag_UnitClass line no. 909: --Changes for Dynamic Names if aUF.db.profile.DynamicNames and self.NameLabel:GetText() ~= nil and aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.longText ~= nil and aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.longTextFontSize ~= nil then if string.len(self.NameLabel:GetText()) >= aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.longText then self.NameLabel:SetFont(aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.Font,aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.longTextFontSize) else self.NameLabel:SetFont(aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.Font,aUF.Layouts[self.database.FrameStyle].ThemeData.all.NameLabel.FontSize) end end --Changes for Dynamic Names To add the option to /aguf config ag_DropdownMenu.lua line no. 244 DynamicNames = { name = L["dynamicNames"], type = 'toggle', desc = L["dynamicNames"], get = function() return self.db.profile.DynamicNames end, set = function(option) self.db.profile.DynamicNames = option end, order = 10, }, (I just noticed that I failed to make a description for the function ^^ as soon as I get some more time I'll fix that!) ag_Defaults.lua line no.12 DynamicNames = true, And of course you have to modify the layout file if you want to use this function, the way I wrote before.
  3. [Addon] ag_UnitFrames customized

    Too long names on certain layouts overlaped the HP, making it unreadable. I made an option to make long names smaller. You have to enable Dynamic name size in the config to activate it, and have a layout, that supports it. To make a layout support the function, you have to add two variables:'longText', and 'longTextFontSize' to the NameLabel. The font size of the name will be set to the value of 'longTextFontSize', if the name is longer or equal of the value of 'longText' example code: NameLabel = { Font = L"InterfaceAddOnsag_UnitFramesfontsbarframes.ttf", FontSize = 9, Width = 90, Point = "LEFT", RelativeTo = "HealthBar", RelativePoint = "LEFT", x = 2, y =0, longText = 17, longTextFontSize = 7, }, Pic:
  4. [Addon] ag_UnitFrames customized

    Well these are all just options, so basicly nothing should change, if you have already used the addon, aside from the bug fixes. If you want to be 100% sure, you can make a copy of your own addon files, and a copy of the file 'ag_UnitFrames.lua' from WTF/Account/<YourAccountName>/SavedVariables Please do tell how it went!
  5. [Addon] ag_UnitFrames customized

    fixed a bug that occasionally occurs when a mana user joins the party
  6. Bongos how to enable xp bar Now that I take a closer look I guess it's not about the version, it's an extension.
  7. Freezing During PvP?

    It could be caused by addons, I suggest you try recreate the situation without using any, and post the results here!
  8. Bongos how to enable xp bar

    /bongos visibility tick - XP bar if it's not there, you have the wrong version
  9. Level 30-40 PvP event SATURDAY, Aug. 31st!

    Wouldn't that make it an event for lvl 60's as well? Why exclude others?
  10. Hunter pet problems

    This is some sort of a rite of passage for hunters. It humps, but can be done. As for pets, keep it in passive, and never change it in combat, or they won't react to anything you tell them after that. A relog solves this problem. (This stands for warlocks as well) I just pulled stronger mobs with that and let them kill it, but this here is a creative solution. /clap
  11. Warlocks, help!

    This seems like a bug, I recommend talking to a GM. If it's not on the issue tracker yet then posting it there as well!
  12. How to detect bots(GUIDE)

    Well he does point out how the botter repeats his movement, over and over again... But misses the ultimate fun of proving he is a botter, like interrupting the process itself to make it obvious that if it was a player he would react. Banishing/fearing/kiting away the mob would give a botter away, while making his toon act retarded. Add Benny Hill music => FUN. This opportunity is wasted to copy Athene, or at least it looks like... On the other hand the stlye doesn't realy matter, we can see the botters name, and his skull can be bashed with the ban hammer, so 7/10.
  13. screenshots????

    Texts takes up relatively low space, about 4 bytes per character, (plus some variables per post) but images takes up lot lot more space, making the forum slower. With this system a 4MB image takes up just as much space as its link, and the image insertion code. That gives you less then 120 byte vs 4,112,784 byte. This way you can have as many screenshots as you want, but since they are not stored on the forum's server, it requires significantly less resource. Not that retarded if you think of it this way huh ?
  14. Fishing 225+

    It's just a well played ruse I'm sure, don't fall for it Pillowthief. And lurk moar, so you get to know mrmr ^^