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  1. T6 boss kill videos?!

    feenix arcane mages rotation "keep it simple"
  2. T6 progress discussion thread

    Why do u think that bosses should be harder by only adding bonus health on them? That should not be solution.
  3. T6 progress discussion thread

    kaz and azga really easy,just made my little nephew to press shadowbolt bind while i was afking. what 2 say,warlocks OP k
  4. T6 progress discussion thread

    ipawn was there too.
  5. T6 progress discussion thread

    its pure survival encounter
  6. T6 progress discussion thread

    can u pls tell us why it's abusing?
  7. Such a shame guild. arena abusing,now we have a continuing of that wonderful fairytale for them,but in pve T_t
  8. whats name of 2nd song,when dat balance druid is pov nvm,found it. cool movie anyways.
  9. Problems registering

    check backmail via ur registering mail?