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  1. what i really miss on Alakir

    awwww . . . a wee Sergeant!
  2. Cdlp 1.

    Nice videos! I could have sworn I chained three vipers on you during one BS skirmish, but it looked like you were only hit by 2 there, so perhaps it was a different occasion. Also . . "I would become 'Lil-Hydra' "
  3. The Big Show 2

    Hilarious! Love that blizzard usage, and also was in awe of your ESP-like powers of anticipating incoming coils. Your "coil-sense" @4:32 must have really been tingling!
  4. ED or Warsong?

  5. Vanilla Flashback 3

    Had Zonee used the Fire Reflector against your grenades on other occasions or did you inspect him before the duel? I'm curious, because by any measure the cancel showed awesome awareness and reaction time on your part, but if you were simply reacting on the fly to a totally unexpected trick then it kinda enters the realm of insane.
  6. Arathi Basin Video - Wehec

    May want to include a seizure warning for that flickering UI! Seems like an entertaining video though, would like to watch it if you can fix that.
  7. -Hibernate usable on hunters w/ aspect up. -Scatter pathing doesn't properly slow a target benefiting from increased speed (boots, mount, etc.) -Totems of all types eat traps. -Cannot cast traps while buffed w/ blessing of freedom. -FD will on occasion not drop combat at all. -More often, pet combat bugs and causes you to re-enter combat. FD->Mount is very unreliable this way. -Pet won't drop combat and cannot cast prowl; this impacts the overall effectiveness of shadowmeld. -Pet focus/health regen constantly stops working. (I'd say these are both broken ~90+% of the time.) -Eyes of the Beast Anyways, the poll asked for the "least buggy class in pvp," and there is simply no way hunters qualify as such.
  8. I think the poll results reflect the community's sense of humor more than anything else.
  9. I'm using the following line to store the name of a unit: /script local t = UnitName("target") My question is how do I then go about using this saved string in a TargetByName command? In other words, what is the correct syntax to get the following line working properly? /script TargetByName(t, true)
  10. Al' Akir - Evolintent, orc rogue pvp

    I liked that pulse-pounding action in the graveyard!
  11. Razzashi Raptor not Tameable?

    I'm in ZG atm, and all the raptors in Mandokir's area are untameable non-beasts. Was this recently changed? edit: Turns out it was a bugged cache.
  12. Al'Akir

    Certainly a poor assortment for hunters!
  13. Al'Akir

    How can we test anything if they don't update the builds?
  14. Swapping Trinkets upon Feign death Macro

    Had a look at your macro and it works great! (after fixing a few syntax errors ). Here's the proofread version: /script CastSpellByName("Feign Death");local a,b=GetActionCooldown(61);local c,d=GetActionCooldown(62); if IsEquippedAction(61) and b>30 and d<b then UseAction(62); elseif IsEquippedAction(62) and d>30 and b<d then UseAction(61); end