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  1. ED Competetion. Release date Guess. [Reward]

    Might want to relook at your release guess : P
  2. Release

    Not asking for a release date.. Just bummed that its half way through summer and no word When I first heard about ED I thought this was going to be the perfect way to waste my days away.. God Feenix.. Making me go to the pool and shit . Hopeful for a release before next term starts!
  3. Darkmoon Cards Drop Rate?!

    I think what the problem is, is that they are supposed to drop in Heroics but the heroic loot table is humped up on trash mobs. I could be wrong about this, but when do you ever get green/blue/purple BoE drops in Heroics? Never. If you do get a BoE from say H BF, it's like a lvl 60 green. Always bugged me.
  4. Greetings fellow Archangel Players <Echelon> Is under new leadership and are recruiting solid players to begin T4 content. As a guild, we have successfully cleared Kara and are looking to expand into 25 man raids. We are currently recruiting all classes. We do not care about your gear, all we ask is that you have a fair understanding of T4 fights and are highly skilled in the class/role you are playing. We are looking to build a strong community who are more than just a group of people who log on for raids. We are a US guild and welcome anyone who fits the above description. For more information or to apply, visit us at: http://echelon2.4.3.shivtr.com/ You can also send Unitnineone, Platypus, Sellendis, Kai, or Holygrind a PM in game and we are more than willing to give you more information. Thanks for your time!!
  5. <Echelon> (US) Downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Opera - Little Red Riding Hood all first try. Stopped at back door due to constant D/Cs. Lost loot from only Maiden due to D/Cs.
  6. Doubt it. Echelon is hitting Kara 8pm eastern tonight.
  7. The reason you can't connect...

    Unlikely.. But who knows these days.
  8. so i stabber her

    I loled.
  9. Atlasloot for tbc

    Thanks bro, I don't think anyone knew that.
  10. Makes the most sense thus far in this thread. I don't think it should just spawn or be despawned.
  11. Professions

    In the process of this at the moment. I'm at 293 I think.. I don't even know how many hours I've fished. I'm hoping 300-375 isn't as bad.. ..Golden Fishstick..mmmmmm
  12. Item lost,posible refound?

    This is exactly why they should not release S1 or Kara any time soon.. People are QQing about them not releasing anything, but if they were to release it today, this would happen and all 200 people in Kara would lose loot, badges, etc and QQ even more. In arenas, people would lose wins, points, etc and QQ. Thank about it!
  13. Most needed class? :)

    I would say tank, but they are only in demand because so many people are running 5 mans at the moment since no content is out and pvp is non existent. In my opinion, I would say Resto Shaman.. I never see them and will definitely be needed.
  14. Educated Demographic

    Graduating in May with a degree in Psych and minor in Chem at the University of Utah. Was just recently accepted into the University's Pharmacy School. PharmD class of 2016. Wo0o0ot.