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  1. AQ20 pugs

    the only good loot he drops is for arms warrior, which is quite pvp specc and not pure pve, so basicaly nobody ever needs him mostly. Also, it is a long fight u need a decent setup and ppl that know what to do, + he bugs in walls lots of time at the end and it is really annoying, obv, nobody is doing it:p
  2. Moderator Edit: Verbal Warning for Harassment
  3. Ninja Looting at Gruul's Lair

    as stated in lots other posts before, once u win an item by a roll u can do whatever u want with it, passing the item to a certain player is not ninja, it is just bad luck for the second roller, this can pretty much be changed only by master looter rulls.
  4. @ mofo, u mean without rep it is pointless to buy items maybe? idols-- u can buy from ah as well or simply solo farm , 1 way or another u still can get an idol anytime.
  5. Warsong server skipped by DEV

    I don.t think he is saying that warsong is bad, compared to other realms, he is only saying that we didn.t have any update/ event/ or even info about what is comming for a few months now. Yes I know that ed is going to be merged with warsong as data, and that is pretty cool, but it should be taken in consideration that about 6 guilds loose players daily on warsong because of the lack of new content, or even the lack of fixes. There were also some rummors about kt and saph release in like april, since then, nothing.. and yeah players get bored- quit, and that is a loose to the srv basicaly. Again, I don.t say that devs work isn.t awesome, I am just saying that a bit of consideration to warsong current problems would be great as well!
  6. if u would watch it even more closely u will see that a few sec later after that sec 50 he will start to cast seed of corruption. as far as I see right after you killed the boss most of the group died so u were under massive attack. And being like 30 ppl at least there, 80k dmg is nothing for a seed.
  7. Hunter`s pets control problems facepalm

    make a macro : /spam petattack /spam petattack /spam petattack /spam petattack ... etc bind him to something click that till u die
  8. i'm afraid to go feral dps

    as feral dps u will find it really hard to go raiding, because mostly nobody takes cats , and rarely u see a druid tanking. I am making aq20s each reset and I think I had 2 feral druids in about 100 runs so far. Once u get to mc-bwl and higher, feral won.t be needed at all, and u rarely see a boomkin in raids also, because dps is simply lower than other classes. But as beggining for 5 mans - ubrs and maybe a zg or so, feral is pretty decent to go. Even tho if u want to have a druid and progress on him, my advise would be go healer, or u might regret it one day:)
  9. I agree, it took me about 8 hours to up from 0 -80 mining. this is really really annoying, barely got to hit the mine once sometimes, other times itjust had a 5 hours respawn or so... not nice, not nice!
  10. basicaly as long as u win an item by roll, you can do whatever dafuq u want with it: ) so.. if he won and he passed to someone, after me to whom he passes, it is his decision not yours, maybe he needed that item as well, it doesn.t have to mean he ninjaed, if he had that item already and he rolled again, yea he is a douche bag, but again, doesn.t mean he or rl actually ninjaed anything.
  11. Chimaerok recipe quest problems

    i JUST bought one of the last books probably for 2500g ^^ going to camp chimaerok place tommorow and farm about 500 dirges to get mah money back, god damn bugs xD
  12. Chimaerok recipe quest problems

    exalted for about 1 month^^
  13. Chimaerok recipe quest problems

    as I showed to snelf in game already: only have 1 quest as I said, image taken few min ago. a response from a gm would be great:D
  14. Chimaerok recipe quest problems

    Ok I should start with the beggining.: - in the quest chain for aq40 opening there are a lot of bugs ( but this is already known) atm i am at long forgotten memories for some time and it seems u can.t complete it when u get to the crystal,( but this is also known) - Still, even with the quest chain bugged, seems that ppl who reached 300 cooking have quest for recipe at narain in that hut above stormwidle port in tanaris, or something like that. I just reached 300 cooking, but I don.t have the recipe quest, which is weird, because at narain I have also a quest after the recipe one, draconic for dummies, already did first part but again 2nd is bugged, some books don.t drop or simply can.t get them. - Normally u should have the chain quest for recipe after u complete the long forgotten memories quest and get the follow up one from anachronos, but this is impossible because long forgotten is bugged. (u click the shard , but can.t complete the quest, not working) - Said about this in a ticket and I got as response to go for issue tracker, but in issue tracker this problem with all these bugged quests already exists for a few months now, without any response.. Only thing i can do is maybe ask if there is something that it isn.t said on forums, I need to do so that quest for recipe shows up, or maybe a gm to check if I just miss that quest, maybe give it to me.. for ex in lhc I have quest for t3 rogue pants and I am a warlock (lOl)... so yeah it might be just missing or so i must say also that I went at azuregos which is supposed to give the quest chain for recipe, (blue shard one after u do long forgotten memories), and he doesn.t give any quest, also the guy in gadgetzan inn doesn.t give any quest, when he is supposed to send u at narain for it I think.. i would definately like a response , and yeah.. might be cool to actually fix the whole quest chain because there are great rewards^^ If that recipe quests were removed from the game it would be definately unfair considering many ppl already have it^^