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  1. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    Ofc, the typical answer. "I'm good, you're bad, shut up" No, sir. I KNOW. My main is SPriest, I have BiS on every damn slot and god be damned if I miss a single tick on my DoTs, now you can shut up and learn, maybe. WHen I say no SPriest should top damage charts against equivalent geared Locks, Mages, Hunters and retadins It's because it's simply true. EVERY one of those classes is cappable of doing more than 1200 dps regularily, while SPriests top at 950ish depending on chaman support and flasks. I don't care about your pride or your epeen. Truths are truths. We bring huge support to the party but we are not top DPS. Next time don't be so aggressive and call baddie someone who is probably better than you.
  2. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    Lol toping damage, your raids are really bad then. No SPriest should top a raid right now since Mages, Locks, Hunters and Retadins all do way more damage with equivalent gear. But yeah, we are top 10.
  3. TBC Top Damage Classes

    Seal of Vengeance is bugged. It does way, way more damage than it should. thread.
  4. TBC Top Damage Classes

    Sounds like "omg stop complaining about MY bugged class, ok?" Ret paladins are broken right now. They NEED to be fixed, and I have one. I'm impressed with the selfness of some people, really. Huntards complaining when they got autoshoot fix, rogues and shamans complaining when offhand weapon speed got fixed... and now Ret paladins saying "stop QQing".
  5. Enh DPS

    Windfury on both weapons or flametongue on offhand?
  6. Shadowpriest for PvE

    Indeed. With 1200+ shadow damage I regain health and mana WHILE farming primals. Spirit tap is your friend. Spriest is one of the best farming classes in the game thanks to spirit tap, only warlocks can top us.
  7. Enh DPS

    Any fully geared or pre-raid geared Enhancement shamman can say how much DPS they do? I just started a new character and rolled enh shamman. With double Drakefist and 4/5 desolation T3 gear I'm stuck with 400ish dps, wtf, either this class is bugged, or I don't know how to play. Double Windfury imbue, totem of strength and agility if I'm alone. What's the matter with this class? With Shadow Priest I do more damage naked...
  8. pre quests for THe EYE

    I don't really understand why you don't need kara attunement right now. Blizzard did that because almost everyone had the attunement already and they wanted new players to progress faster, but that was not the case in Archangel. They said you would need attunement so a lot of us spent a lot of time doing the quests and finding griups for Old Hillsbrad just to see how scrubs with greenies who didn't give a hump can enter kara in release day. I hope it's different with The Eye and at least what they say correspong with reality. That was a big communication blunder with kara, really.
  9. Spriest mana return

    In bosses, Death anc Blast always in cooldown, always. You can postpone Mind Blast if vampiric touch is about to expire, but since SW:D is instantaneous you should always cast it when possible. A >3k shadow word death crit is worth a million times more than a second of DoT.
  10. New to Archangel

    Horde outnumbers alliance big time, we don't know the real numbers but based on what I've seen and what everyone seems to perceive, it's about 60/40 right now. Healers and tanks are needed everywhere, tanks more than healers. Besides that, alliance has VERY few warlocks so I'd roll that if you want dps. I don't know about Horde though.
  11. 40 Debuff Limit

    What is that program and how does it work?
  12. Can I donate?

    Exaggerated much? If you can level to 70 alone in 5 hours I'll stop being atheist and you will be my God
  13. Dwarf tank is the best in terms of stats. Racials don't really matter at least in Alliance because our racials hump. Horde has way more considerations in this regard.
  14. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    Every DoT timer relies on the client to track the timers, so if the client hides the debuffs no matter what addon you have you won't have your timers. It humps big time because our DPS relies on DoT spells and we have to guess when to recast them, while huntards, mages and locks just spam one button and top the damage charts. I love Spriest anyways
  15. [TIER 5] SCC/TK Bosses.

    So I'm a bad player because I disagree with you. Seems like a reasonable conclussion. You are the kind of person everyone likes on the forums, I guess. And yeah, it was sarcasm.