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  1. 3:2 BM Rotation

    At the moment hunter pets are a bit bugged and therefore weak. I recently switched from BM to MM and that resulted in an increase in my dps. Worth a thought as long as pets are weak
  2. Hey So as the topic states im looking for a raid going vashj/ssc today or tomorrow. The reason is my guild going MH on wednesday and I need to complete the attunment fast! I am a t5 geared hunter, good knowledge of the battle and tactics, I fully accept that I wont get loot since I will probably be a pug for a guild run. So, is there any guilds going SSC tonight/tomorrow? Pls contact me either here or ingame on Zulji
  3. Hey! Im going for a comeback to Feenix with my hunter Zulji. I raided with Against alla Odds and Sacrilege during the last days of T4 and the launch of T5. Im a 23 year old student from Sweden, ive played retail wow for many years and raided hardcore in TBC and Wotlk serving as a raid leader. I have experience from all boss fights in T5, entire MH and up to the 3 last bosses in BT. Im playing a 41/20/0 BM specc, my stats selfbuffed with aspect of the hawk are as following; Rap: 1923 Crit: 28.5% Hit: 131 I use raid addOns such as deadly boss mods, and for my playstyle I use rotation and timing trackers to achieve the best possible damage output. Im a maxed JC/minning/cook/first aid. The guild I am searching for is a guild that has a solid raid core with a good people that takes raiding seriously, and is currently progressing through T5. Im in the last rush of school so in june I plan to start raiding frequently, all days in the week will work for me when it comes to raid days! Please contact me if this looks interesting, either on the forums or at Zulji online! Cheers
  4. Hey So I am currently at the part where I have to kill a DK in scholo, but cant figure out to get the quest for the scholo key since it doesent seem to appear on the starting dude in WPL, anyone else at this problem? Or maybe you have the key and want to form a group someday? Alliance side
  5. Skriv till scipii in game så pratar vi lite
  6. Survival rotation

    I tried a rotation that was really tricky and probably wrong but here it goes: Steady->Arcane/Serp-> Auto->Multi-Steady-arcane/serp. The thing with clipping shot is that u cant do steady+arcane/serp everytime between auto shot so u have to wait one auto between
  7. My guild needs holy paladins, 1-2:)
  8. BM max dps shot rotation

    Lower dps when using auto-steady-auto? then you are probably clipping those auto shots!
  9. Pet

    If u cant get it back from a stable master it might be this; when u change pet make sure you have the one u currently have out and not dissmissed.
  10. BM max dps shot rotation

    Auto-steady-auto and kill command when possible, this is better compared to multi+arcane rotation because u can stay in aspect of the hawk longer
  11. The new game breaking PvP Bugs

    I play druid rogue in 2v2 and we had the same bug, had a couple of arenas start when the rogue looked to be just standing still for me, he said that he could move around tho, he did a relogg then it worked fine, HOWEVER, when he came online he said he could see the arena eyes which I could not do, and neither did our opponents seem to do. Had 1 game where he suddenly couldent move, he could do attacks and type and such, it broke when he used shadowstep, lost that one due to this bug..
  12. Trouble feeding!

    Dragging and dropping the food on your pets icon dosent work? Be sure to have to correct version of food aswell. If this dosent work clear your cache folder, and if that dosent work either make a new ton. If that dosent work reinstall wow.
  13. Im doing around 1300 DPS on maggy now so, dps is still to high compared to that SS from leotheras
  14. How to be a hunter, the movie (Not serious)

    Haha ofc you should FD when u get aggro, but you shouldnt get aggro from the start either guys, thats why we have threath meters Now get back on topic
  15. is server up?

    Works now my fault!