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  1. Gurubashi Tournament IV

    No LoS for starfire sneak :<
  2. Fitta Night Reroll

    Yes I have t3 glove/bracer/head, but only in tokens :> I never bothered to finish quest
  3. After 3 years...

    I remember reading article about make-a-wish foundation, that must've been it.
  4. Best RIP per class

    I watch you when you sleep, I look at you outside WHYstad. Rip best paint skills kawa and treb
  5. Warsong Best Player each class 2014 !

    Hello sir, do you please consider to get me as house friend? I can pay in real gold no, but after few while of me staying their it's one hundered procent waterproof carpet(from natural source, certenly). Also, is it ok if my cousin stays with me? Her father is human black, but it's ok, we don't talk about it. I never knew before marrig that she had such beautifull moustache(we have arrange marrig). It's good then we can all be house moustache friends hehe
  7. Chillin' with my new friends

    to summarize: )))))
  8. New to Feenix

    sorry is black?
  9. Cant beat my 2003 Lunarstorm frontpage
  10. Best Nerdrage Whisper 2013

    herlo, low gold please donate romani mussolini
  11. Best Nerdrage Whisper 2013

    19th century romania
  12. Gold Reward: Horde WANTED DEAD

    glide he is, gledes