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  1. just a server crash. no biggie. annoying yes, but I'm experiencing the exact same thing, and so are my mates.
  2. Hello. Looking for an enchanter that got 55+ Healing enchant on weapon. Realm: Warsong. Faction: Horde. Name: Spetakkel. Got mats and willing to tip good Hope for fast whisp!
  3. healing addons

    Hello! I'm a dedicated restodruid out there trying to make it in the wild. And what I miss is something that actually shows me how much I heal my target for, like scrolling combat texts or the amount I heal for over the targets head etc. Atm I must use X-perl cos that shows me the amount up on his template, but also show all the other thing that happens to him, so it's kind of hard to keep track. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. That's not really my point. I'm wondering if there is someone or a guild that actually does premades on a regular basis on the horde side. Since from what I've experienced it's very few to non-active premades.
  5. Is there any hope or do I have to roll alliance for that chance of actually gettin some premades going?
  6. Best start off gear as FC.

    Hello my fellow druids! I was just wondering if there are any "BiS" items for FC druids? And then I mean really start off gear. newly dinged.
  7. Resto FC WSG spec

    I'm gonna go FC soon in premades, but while looking on your specs, and someone saying that Natural Focus is worthless; I strongly disagree. Why? Let me explain. If you some time are forced to actually throw a Healing Touch while being attacked it's vital. For me at least as a tauren, Earthstomp-healing touch. It will make a huge difference If you are in a big fight off with a lot of damage going every where, it will also being vital for you to actually getting those heals off at all. This is the spec I'm running, working perfectly: http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=11215875_11_8014d3k5c501j505501105315001 Choosing to go light on the reflection because with a mana pool with pref 4500+ it shouldn't be necessary if you are MAINLY a FC. Just my opinion here, like all the specs btw GO DRUIDS.
  8. Hello, my fellow vanilla gamers! Just me wondering actually. The time I've played on warsong I haven't gotten into AB once. The queue time is always set as "unavailable". Is it just that NOONE plays AB or is something wrong? Best regards!
  9. Honor = Ranks.

    Hello! I'm just wondering if there is any kind of "schedule" or list over how much honor you need for each rank? I know that to get all the way to Rank 14 you have to be the highest rated honor gainer on the server, but the rest of the ranks?
  10. Warlock pvp Talent build?

    imo, SM/Ruin is a shitty ass PvP specc, especially if you fight battlegrounds. The fights are normally not long enough for you to have any use for Nightfall proc. 7/7/37 is the best and imo the most fun specc to play PvP. Insane burst, high crits and this is the drakedog specc so you can feel awesome http://www.wowprovider.com/Old.aspx?talent=11215875_9_8t5p555c5102005151 Instead of pushing the last 5 points into destuction, you can go maybe to improve your succubus' mana, there goes 4 seduces before your succu is OOM. Could be a lifesaver.
  11. Found it very boring. The first 5 minutes you gank people in Silithus with 3-4 other players, and killing off people with half their HP. Not entertaining at all, sorry bro.