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  1. Oh, I am sorry, it's a long time ago for me. xD Well, an addon could help indeed.
  2. Mana costs

    And when you come across other players with potions or Food/drinks, just ask him or her if she has got some consumables for ya. And idd, this is something different than wotlk or cata. Chaeron
  3. World pvp

    I love WPvP, it's dead on retail... Hope Feenix has got it. ;D
  4. [Warsong] Trusted Crafters

    Thanks for sharing this!
  5. The best way to get money is having professions while leveling. You could sell items you've gathered with profs on the AH (Auction House). I am not playing on 2.4.3 realms, but this is a suggestion. You could also try to find other players to level with. Or you can just put on the exclamation mark in the "track" box. (To show low level questgivers). Hope this helped you. Chaeron
  6. Low lvl battleground

    Nice to see players like low level bg's. I am thinking about making a twink... or maybe not, well, maybe in the future.
  7. Gold Reward: Horde WANTED DEAD

    Hehe, I like this topic! ;D Sorry guys, have nothing to offer yet, just started.