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  1. [Warsong] Trusted Crafters

    Request : NightFall Crafter Horde Side Pst Wartan or Bonebrood, TY!
  2. Last Rank Pet Skills HERE.

    I havent Found a Post with this information here, So if your wondering. Bite Rank 8 Blood Axe Worg in LBRS , Black Color, lvl 56-58 Claw Rank 8 WinterSpring Owl lvl 58+ WinterSpring Bear lvl 57+ Dash Rank 3 Blood Axe Worg, WinterSpring Cats 57+ Dive Rank 3 IronBeak Hunter/Screecher FelWood, WinterSpring Owl, Plaguebat Eastern Plaguelands. Furious Howl Rank 4 BloodAxe Worg Charge Rank 5 Ashmane Boar, Blasted Lands, South Of NetherGarde Keep. Screech Rank 4 Monstorous Plaguebat Eastern Plaguelands, WinterSpring Screecher Scorpid Poison Rank 4 Stonelash Pincer/Flayer Silithus, FireTail Scorpid, Burning Stepps. ThunderStomp Rank 3, Un Goro Thunderer, Un Goro Crater Poisin Spit Rank 3 Razzashi Adder/Serpent/Cobra ZG Lightning Breath Rank 6 Son Of Hakkar ZG Rank 5 ara-tesh, NE corner of feralas, hakkari sapper/frostwing Sunken Temple. Prowl Rank 3 Jagero Stalker, SE islands STV, Frostsaber Stalker, Northern Winterspring.