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  1. First time warrior Shows some easy to get gear, Aldor exhalted sword as mainhand is really easy to get. 2 parts of Doomplate with the +35hit setbonus should is something you could aim for from the vote points.
  2. G2G Got "to" Go. This means the player cannot play any longer. G2G (2) Good "to" Go. This means the player is ready to proceed. It is sometimes very easily confused with "G2G" above, as the two look identical, but have nearly opposite meanings. Damnit! But gotta go is still the first option in the manual! *Edit, Why the hell are you swedish! Now they are going to blame us! Why couldn't you just have been from eastern europe!
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. Just since the US guy told me they use it as Gotta go, and ive always played with nordic/western/central Europe players and they've also used it as gotta go you where the last once left! The question is, where is Farador from?
  4. Well if it's not from the US, could it be from eastern europe somewhere? I think it's time for us to start a Crusade to retake our term! Viva la revolution!?
  5. Updated, would be nice with some Alchemy Flasks I guess.
  6. @ last boss in random instance waiting for the healer to get full mana Healer says g2g Im like, why the hell would you leave when we are at the last boss? 1 minute of total confussion later he tells me that g2g means good to go Dafuq? I've played online computer games for over 10 years now, g2g has always been "gotta go". On this server it seems to be "good to go". I'm just interested why this is the case, is it cus it's alot of US players? I just tried googleing it and my first resault was: -> Gotta go It's not like it bothers me, I just want to know why this term has a different meaning then on all other servers I've ever played on
  7. Sounds like a complicated way to give away gold. Having a bank where there is no "threat" if you don't pay your debt, in a game where anyone could stop playing at any time.... do you really think anyone would pay it back? You do understand that it takes like what 5h to power level a char up to 70, borrow 5k gold, give it to a main and never log on to that char again?
  8. Twin Blades of Azzinoth Discuss

    Ill just start with some quick numbers Heroic Strike +196 (rank 10) Revenge +201 (rank 8) As you can see, the Heroic strike does about the same threat as a revange + the dmg. Your glave will hit a litle more then half as much as my fast brutalizer, that means over 20 seconds you will do about 6 less hits for a base threat of 1200. The dmg threat of from a slow weapon will do more, thats true. But seriusly. just look at it this way. 2x heroic strikes with fast: 400 threat+dmgthreat from 2 small hits vs 1x heroic strike with slow weapon 200 threat + dmgthreat from 1 BIG hit You stick with your slow weapon if you think thats a good idea. About the expertise. You say that a full geared T6 swp geared warrior have more then enough experice. Sure thats true, but by the time you are full SWP geared wouldn't you kinda have to cleare SWP first? I cba to look at all the off parts, but lets just look at the 4 parts of T6+ Faceplate you will enter SWP in, a total of 0 expertice. I just quickly checked the BiS gear from Elitistjerks and checked the best parts that are not from SWP. This is your expertice from Sheild: 0 Your weapon: 0 Ranged: 0 Feet: 0 Leggings: 0 Belt: 0 Gloves: 0 Wrist: 0 CHest: 0 Cloak: 0 Shoulders: 0 Neck: 0 Head: 0 Rigns and trinkets are more or less the same. Ofc you will have to take some expertice gear over some defensive gear, but this is just to show a point. I'll gear my warrior to be able to actlually clear SWP, if you want ot gear your warrior for when you have alrdy cleared it, go ahead. Maybe the reason you need a glave is to keep them away from the rogues to avoid them from overagroing? Or you just want dat legendary! Brutalus worked fine for me with a brutalizer and rogues using glaves back in the old days, can't see why I would take it from them now.
  9. 2.4.3 Addon Collection

    anyone got itemrack or a addon that works the same way? Basicly saves diferent sets of gear for easy equip.
  10. TBC Top Damage Classes

    Early game, casters. BT/SWP: Rogues, hunters, locks, warriors, and (shadow priests). Shadow priests does not have the highest dps and will not be on top on a fight like Brutalus. But in a raid they are used to fill up everyones mana, bc of that they will always be hitting an "easy target" where they don't have to move alot. Basicly not the best dps but they should have close to 100% uptime on a target, other classes will have to move around and change target alot more.
  11. Twin Blades of Azzinoth Discuss

    This sounds seriusly wierd, the tanks you are talking about where probably guild leaders who just wanted a legendary. A slow weapon is with alot of dmg is fine for tanking, in a fight where you are rage starved and can't user heroic strike..... Devastate threat = 106 + 14*amount of sunders + the dmg as white damage. Sure some more dmg is fine but it is not even close to be as good as hitting heroic strikes each 1.6th sec instead of 2.8. The brutalizer got expertise, together with the more then 1 sec faster heroic strike it will outthreat the 8 dps and hit on the glave by alot. But yeah, for tanking Karazhan in full BT or offtanking a fight where you need to build threat (maybe bloodboiled or w/e he was named) a slow weapon would be better. But feels kinda lame to take that weapon from a rogue for that. Note this, never trust the theory crafting of a guildmaster, he will want legendarys at what ever cost
  12. Moved Tryzerlol to Suspected Scammers.
  13. Updated (2012-06-01) Don't forget to tell me if you are alliance or horde! Moved the leatherworking recepies to the correct place Added colors to easier see if horde or alliance Added Suspected Scammer Added Alchemy So in this thread I want to make a list of all the trusted crafters there are and which items they can make. Hopefully this will reduce the number of scams that happen. Just list what in-game name the character has, what they can craft, and what faction they're on. I'll try to get back to this thread each day to update the first post so everything will be easy to find. When looking for an item simply ctrl+f and type in the item you're looking for. If anyone wants an item added just post it and I'll add it to the list. I simply listed the items I can see people wanting to ninja the materials for. Tailoring: Spellstrike Hood: Ryner (H), Mellem (H), Foourtwenty (H), Adgert (H), Currymage (A), Golliwog (A), Zatla (A), Silvertear (A) Spellstrike Pants: Ryner (H), Wolfgang (H), Foourtwenty (H), Hunor (H), Leen (A), Herpina (A), Shutterfly (A), Girdle of Ruination: Ryner (H), Wolfgang (H), Currymage (A), Rk (A), Brainworm (A), Whitemend Hood: Wolfgang (H), Devilish (H), Ailaria (A), Whitemend Pants: Sowhat (H), Shaze (H), Exopriest (H), Classy (A), Shutterfly (A), Brainworm (A), Runic Spellthread: Ryner (H), Wolfgang (H),Mellem (H), Adgert (H), Sowhat (H), Weebeedee (H), Currymage (A), Brainworm (A), Darlene (A), Golden Spellthread: Shaze (H), Amethea (H), Kaethia (H), Rk (A), Classy (A), Shutterfly (A), Psykosa(A) Unyielding Girdle: Adgert (H), Sowhat (H), Wolfgang (H), Currymage (A), Ailaria (A), Brainworm (A), Unyielding Bracers: Sowhat (H), Shutterfly (A), Currymage (A), Brainworm (A), Vengeance Wrap: Amethea (H), Boncur (H), Adgert (H), Sowhat (H), Mellem (H), Foourtwenty (H), Battlecast Hood: Wolfgang (H), Battlecast Pants: Kaethia (H), Syntasia (A), Black Belt of Knowledge: Mellem (H), Wolfgang (H), Blacksmith: Black Felsteel Bracers: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Hubik (A), Archaon (A), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Blessed Bracers: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Archaon (A), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Bracers of the Green Fortress: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Helm (H), Lavica (H), Hubik (A), Bolin (A), Archaon (A), Suffie(A) Dirge: Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Eternium Runed Blade: Bonecrusha (H), Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Chupathingy (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Fel Edged Battleaxe: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Archaon (A), Suffie(A) Fel Hardened Maul: Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Felfury Gauntlets: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Chupathingy (H), Archaon (A), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Felsteel Longblade: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Chupathingy (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Felsteel Reaper: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Chupathingy (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Gauntlets of the Iron Tower: Lavica (H), Helm (H), Suffie(A) Hand of Eternity: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Helm of the Stalwart Defender: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Khorium Champion: Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Oathkeeper's Helm: Caffe (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Chupathingy (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Runic Hammer: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Steelgrip Gauntlets: Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Storm Helm: Caffe (H), Chupathingy (H), Lavica (H), Helm (H), Bolin (A), Suffie(A) Leatherworking: Heavy Clefthoof Boots: Fazed (H),Sil (A), Clutched (A), Heavy Clefthoof Leggings: Fazed (H),Sil (A), Clutched (A), Heavy Clefthoof Vest: Fazed (H),Sil (A), Clutched (A), Cloak of Darkness: Pissis (A), Bag of Many Hides: Clutched (A), Dragnu (A) Nethercleft Leg Armor: Fazed (H), Sil (A), Clutched (A), Nethercobra Leg Armor: Fazed (H),Sil (A), Cobrascale Gloves: Stabbystab (H), Fazed (H), Sil (A), Clutched(A), Cobrascale Hood: Stabbystab (H), Fazed (H), Sil (A), Clutched(A), Earthen Netherscale Boots: Clutched (A), Gloves of the Living Touch: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Hood of Primal Life: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Living Dragonscale Helm: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Netherdrake Helm: Dragnu (A) Netherdrake Gloves: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Netherdrake Helm: Clutched (A), Shadow Prowler's Chestguard: Pissis (A), Thick Netherscale Breastplate: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Dragnu (A) Windscale Hood: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Dragnu (A) Windscale Wraps: Dragnu (A) Windslayer Wraps: Clutched (A), Windstrike Gloves: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Dragnu (A) Stylin' Purple Hat: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Stylin' Adventure Hat: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Stylin' Jungle Hat: Fazed (H), Clutched (A), Netherscale Ammo Pouch: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Quiver of a Thousand Feathers: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Fel Leather Boots: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Fel Leather Gloves: Sil (A), Clutched (A), Fel Leather Leggings: Clutched (A), Felstalker Breastplate: Stabbystab (H), Sil (A), Clutched (A), Felstalker Bracer: Stabbystab (H), Sil (A), Clutched (A), Felstalker Belt: Stabbystab (H),Sil (A), Clutched (A), Shadowprowler's Chestguard: Clutched (A) Cloak of Darkness: Clutched (A), Samurainka(Uknown) Engineering: Ornate Khorium Rifle: Immunelol (H), Dagnu (A), Dragnu (A), Bolin(A), Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer: Immunelol (H), Dagnu (A), Dragnu (A), Geokinesis (A), Bolin(A), Myskrankii (A) Stabilized Eternium Scope: Bolin(A), Zyonize(H) Khorium Scope: Bolin(A), Myskrankii (A) Mana Potion Injector: Bolin(A) Enchanting: Sunfire: Adgert (H), Foourtwenty (H), Soulfrost: Luzzilla (H), Quelaine (H), Foourtwenty(H), Ninetails(A) Mongoose: Adgert (H), Luzzilla (H), Foourtwenty (H), Akuma (H), Pissis (A), Ninetails(A) Alchemy: Transmute: Earthstorm Diamond: Thunderclese (H) Transmute: Skyfire Diamond: Thunderclese (H) Transmute: Primal Might: Thunderclese (H) Suspected Scammers Tryzerlol (H), Catspajamas (H),Stranz (H), Benicio (H), Dudamonster (H), Stranz(H), Sellor (A),