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  1. Don't join this guild, it's full of faggets Especially those Minoass and Quasis dudes
  2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/255/wowscrnshot101712215309.jpg/ VR killed by SoA, two shot.
  3. SoA hasn't entered TK until now, I may comment on Solarian after we give her a shot, Morogrim is terribly bugged and seems pretty much impossible to kill, or we're just being complete retards. Confirmed that Morogrim is bugged.
  4. Afaik, Solarian room is bugged, everything pulls, Morogrim is challenging, and SoA is yet to face Kael and Vashj.
  5. Gratz for the kills guys, the real race is on Vashj, Kael
  6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/11/wowscrnshot101412193012.jpg/ Lurker Kill by SoA 19:30
  7. One more hour....

    Is it up?
  8. Packing up...

    If by that you mean a rogue, yes I am !
  9. Packing up...

    Most of you will not be looking to see me in-game, I will be that reckless rogue that will try and kill you anytime I see you, regardless of succession or not, be on the lookout hordes !
  10. Why do some people feel the need they have to brag about everything they achieve ? Every guild could have had this completed on the first day if they were really arsed, this just makes you look bad and after a few posts, I know that Sin are tryhards now. And please, I need to see a response : Haters gonna hate.
  11. Dont Buy Badge of Tenacity

    Let's see how many baddies use the staff over the mace when the new patch hits
  12. Attunements SSC & TK - (Mh Bt)

    Yeah, we need attunements atleast 3 weeks before the raids are released in order to get it done on 40 characters.
  13. Am I ready for Karazhan?

    You will rarely find yourself MTing in a 25 man raid, a few fights maybe it's better to have a druid tank, but as an offtank, you won't be getting the hardest hits and you won't need the largest health pool, as of the current content, I'm doing fine with my 9.8k hp normal form and 38% dodge. I find fights like Gruul, Prince easier than warrior / paladin tanks, as for the armor, I think it is possible to get the cap, when the patch hit I had 27-28k armor without the badge of tenacity and without earthwarder, and without the illhoof back ( I'm wearing cloak of eternity which is low armored ). However, to reach the armor cap I will have to sacrifice around 200-300 hp and 2-4% dodge.
  14. Am I ready for Karazhan?

    Drop the extra 10 def rating, if you are gemming it, regem, if it's just your items it's okay I guess, you need 415 def rating, armor is good to have at around 30k at least, dodge should be ur primary stat after def and armor cap, all the ferals that get stamina trinkets / enchants / spam the gems are just plain bad.
  15. Around 700-1000 as feral druid. Depends if I crit / dodge my shreds.