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  1. Rank's of heals

    Thanks a lot for the reply, i'll look into it a little more tonight, thanks a ton.!
  2. Rank's of heals

    Hey there, Getting into raiding and was curious what rank of healing spells I should be using, and which ones. Thanks so much appreciate the feedback!
  3. Hey everyone, My name is John and i'm looking for a raiding team here on Feenix, I just recently joined the server and i'm loving it, I have little vanilla exp but tons of current expansion experience, i'm 6/8 heroic on current in game progression and i'm getting bored, i'm extremely devoted to the game and attendance is not an issue, i learn extremely fast and can spend time farming for enchants/consumables. I'm 17 IRL, Can raid any time of the week except every other weekend. I speak English and Spanish. I play a Holy priest in current expansion. If you are in need of a trustworthy healer/dps please hit me up in game, names Turude.