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  1. Rate the song above you.

    a solid 8/10.
  2. Theloras' Retribution Guide

    So in order to not get a my HoJ resisted i need to stack spell hit? Wasn't there only a number of holy spells that could be resisted. Or is that just gibberish?
  3. Theloras' Retribution Guide

    If the source that i stated is correct, then it is bugged. Because while i was in a WSG. A tauren hunter resisted my hammer of justice.
  4. New players LF info

    "personal information" & "best of experience" sounds fishy.
  5. Theloras' Retribution Guide

    Not sure if this is a valuable source,
  6. New players LF info

    ED is a more of a know-know community, meaning you know everyone that you play with something like that, said my source. It really depends what you like to play. You wan't a strong plate healer that could take a punch ( paladin). Or do you want a healer that is fast on his feet with HoT and capability of morphing.
  7. Theloras' Retribution Guide

    I actual don't really feel the need for a quick fix on the Seal of Command, i get nice crits with the seal and judgment. I quite curious if the hammer of justice is a bug or just everyone have a good stun resistance
  8. Theloras' Retribution Guide

    When you change from weapons while under the effect of divine shield, and haven't attacked before. Should you get a instant attack or does it the 100% directly take effect even when you havent attacked?
  9. If my memory serves me right it is supposed to be there.
  10. Crowd Control durations bugged?

    Nerf mage/warlock and rogue cc please. And undead racial way to strong.
  11. Stances through death?

    /paladin auras
  12. WiP introduces PVE to Orgrimmar, 27/8
  13. Sodapoppin

    Love it how feenix staff members favor popular new players then just regular players., that play most of the time here.