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  1. I haven't really played on this server for the past few months and I just tried to log in and it says my account is suspended. I don't know what it is for, or if its just a default thing for inactive players, but I was wondering where I could go to get the account unsuspended so I can still play.
  2. Percent S Kills Dragons

    That is not a discussion thread, how do you expect to troll us there?
  3. Percent S Kills Dragons

    Hoggers level isn't ??, so it doesn't count towards progression
  4. Percent S Kills Dragons

    I actually had planned on it, but there is so little content worth posting this teir that I didn't. I'll be sure to just make a guild compilation thread for t5.
  5. Raid reserved items scam

    Sounds pretty low, especially since its for his alt. I generally don't have a problem with a PuG leader reserving gear as long as it is obvious in the raid annoucement, but I get the sneaking feeling that he simply wanted to gear is alt, didn't think the raid would fill up if people knew items were reserved, so simply made the raid from his main knowing he was going to take his teir. Just be lucky dragonspine didn't drop, I think its a safe bet someone like him would have just ninja'd it.
  6. Depends on his class, we have a Fire mage that pulls 1700-2000 dps on single target fights, depending on his crits. However, that is with an Ele shaman w/2 pc t4's SP totem, shadow priest, curse of elements, and improved crusader on the boss.
  7. As a prot paladin I typically pull around 500 dps unbuffed on a single target boss. With flask of blinding light, wizard oil, spell power food, and spell power totem, I can easily push 700 dps tanking single target.
  8. Percent S vs Nightbane Hunter PoV

    Yeah, CoE is nice... lol
  9. As of last week it appears that the person who uses the urn will forever have agro on Nightbane. Our physical DPS was 1 rogue and 2 hunters, but one of the hunters got feared through the wall before the first add phase so we only had the tank, 1 rogue, and a BM hunter able to do real dps to the adds. This post is intended as a demonstration resource, please do not turn this thread into a guild war debate.
  10. I see, well then I guess we can continue arguing about who squashed which bugs first. I especially like it when I hear about how things were killed on the old core with different bugs, can we get some more of that too?
  11. Wait, now I'm confused, which guild is the part of the body and which guild is actually good? Does that still make me bad?
  12. Can't we all just be friends?
  13. Well the first part of this post was to simply post a speed kill of Netherspite, nothing fancy about that. Once adding the video, I figured I would try to give the community some more resources in hopes that even more people will be able to kill this boss, I wasn't trying to one up you or anything. And yes, long live the best friends club, stroke that epeen some more while your at it.