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  1. WiP KT Images

    #1 troll athairne
  2. Corpse camping?

  3. RIP to all lives lost today

  4. RIP to all lives lost today

  5. Latency Fix for American Players

    yeah fixmylag didn't do shit, lowered my ping by 20 if that. Only way to improve your latency is to play retail )))
  6. <it us raptor> recruiting

    HI, #1 GUILD now recruiting
  7. Warsong / Alixium Throwback!!!

  8. So I rediscovered Kiroildem's youtube account and found these gems! Seb vs Clutch duel. We had beef going for a long time and dueled to delete our characters. There were a ton of people there watching (as you can see). I miss the days where the community was so tight knit (much more so than it is now) Alixium vs Ragnaros - You can really tell how old this video is by how shitty our gear is haha Hard-mode Gahz'Ranka!! 2010 - Pretty soon to when Alixium had just formed and killing a few bosses in ZG was a big deal. The server was growing every day like crazy and each day had something interesting! I miss those days, had a great time, and I thank Feenix for that opportunity.
  9. Dagger vs Sword

    Swords BWL +
  10. Free Namoo, the movie.

    ps: not hard to make another account... hint hint
  11. Free Namoo, the movie.

    RIP IN PEACE 1993-2013
  12. The Death of U.S. Alliance Raiding

    THIS! ^^^
  13. The Death of U.S. Alliance Raiding

    Spot on. PS: Ignore Avelmira... he's an idiot
  14. The Death of U.S. Alliance Raiding

    Every guild is different, ours did not want to do Tier 5 other than the end-bosses (vash/kael).