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  1. Battleground Group Que

    You always get that message but it means nothing beside that the server handles something wrong (but your q'd however )
  2. Undead shaped form.

    Search for MPQ editing or model editing
  3. you dont get vanilla. just download a repack and add yourself all kind of gear and enjoy killing mobs with .die. nearly as boring as your idea. Life and games are about achieving something and not just standing around doing duels. If you have no real goals it will get boring + your shit.
  4. Inofficial Emerald Dream IRC

    I also use mIRC. Its a very good client with many options. Keep this up
  5. Content v 1.12.1 Spells and Abilities

    Actually it was harder in Classic since we dint have all the addons and WoW fansites which exists nowdays. Just take a look on what people realized here: Focus and Snowfall for Classic etc etc. These two things NEVER existed in the real classic time. Actually things are never really blizzlike. Dev's never saw blizz source code so the devs can only guess how strong a boss is and how things worked and try to recode them. If things would be better on the patch the raid was originally released nobody can tell but the problem is that you cant switch the patch everytime a new raid is released on ED and even if our client would have another patch it would make barely any difference since the same core would be used cause there are no other for Vanilla. Also like mentioned before the Dev's can only guess how things worked. Our best bet is to just make our own hardmode vanilla.
  6. Hot Chicks Play WoW! >>Prove!

    So with this statement you expect that only ugly guys play WoW? Mila Kunis eats bread, I eat bread to, WOW?!
  7. Ip logs on the hacker?

    If you dont know anything about webtechnic aswell ddos and related things you shouldnt consider to post about it. Right now you just spot yourself as someone who is to lazy to just read a page of wikipedia or even use google for a few minutes. To answer you question: If every traffic is null routed or better said completely blocked the server isnt online at all
  8. 1.5.0 (original) / 1.8.0 (changed version)

    Definetely for 1.5. I know that blizzlike is just a word to make idiots play on your realms since you CANT know the functions and mechanism blizzard really used but just try to reproduce it. I wont even say that we will have any close state to 1.5 but we should really try. Its just an awesome feeling to be in Skype with friends while being only one little man in a big war over a great map. Another word to the people crying about something being not like in 1.12.1: You know that the bosses are modified to be harder? Its not about the exact patch but about the vanilla playstyle.
  9. So why are people like this xD?

    Totaly worth creating this topic instead of just using the ignore function. Your a stupid mature guy and the guy you duelled is a stupid kid. Happy now?
  10. do the servers change?

    Over 2 years. You wont waste your time with playing here. The staff keeps everything really professionel. Naxxramas Depends on you. Every guild need good players, no guild needs retards except those who are lead by retards.
  11. quick questions

    No you dont. Just move the retail WoW folder and DONT START IT TIL YOU INSTALLED THE VANILLA CLIENT. or Just download the Fullclient, extract and move it somewhere you like.
  12. Reported MC Leader GM READ-

    double post. delete
  13. Reported MC Leader GM READ-

    And you think writing "GM READ" will speed up things? Hell its not even in the right section. Stop being a retard before you start complaining.
  14. Respect for this release! Must been a shitload of work adding all the waypoints manually to the addon.
  15. Main site messed up

    Get Firefox. Internet Explorer isnt supported and tbh no one should use this crap.