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  1. Night elves' Starshards

    i came here to post this
  2. Having problems with Paladin DPS.

    are you new here?
  3. people actually farm fel iron by mining it? lol
  4. People with REP PvP Gear - UNFAIR !

    Your arguments have absolutely nothing to do with this topic or my point therefore they are invalid. See how that works Dragnu? Also im not crying, I just think this is really unfair. This is Street btw
  5. People with REP PvP Gear - UNFAIR !

    Everyone who thinks its not unfair or that OP is an idiot is a fuc.king hypocrite and an asshole, not the mention server staff is agreeing with the retards. I mean whats the fuc.king logic in letting people who joined earlier keep the gear and cripple every new player who wants to get into PvP. Honestly its sad to see such a good server just say "fuc.k off" to new players, its like you want to kill the playerbase.
  6. Shaze where are you?

    that told holy shit
  7. Latency Addon

    i use recount ms window
  8. Prince damage buffed
  9. Prince damage buffed

    Its not a bug, he just does thrash now which i guess he didnt do before. Its an instant triple attack and you have to survive it by poping cooldowns (disarm doesnt work on him afaik)
  10. Best PvE guild on the server

    why do you people even bother responding, by now everyone should have realized lateralus is a bunch of kids
  11. also next time someone outrolls me on an item il ask for a ban, seems legit
  12. Ret hit cap

    ok go miss with 8% hit pls go
  13. Ret hit cap

    no pls mofo is always right he is god of wow pls dont argue him pls men pls