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  1. I believe that's against Feenix rules.
  2. Tier 6...

    In todays WoW hardcore means raiding atleast 12 hours a day 7 days/week until progress is done.
  3. Good luck finding a US guild that fits your description.
  4. I'm interested,i'll log on later-going to sleep now
  5. someone doesn't like us

    Why are people accusing Blizzard?
  6. My /flex thread

    And you are in the top because your are in the "best" guild on a pserver?
  7. If anyone needs help with this prof

    Already done,and i don't really care about the Mag'har.
  8. Kael'thas - Thank you developers!

    There are atleast 10.
  9. If anyone needs help with this prof

  10. If anyone needs help with this prof

    Best way to grind The Consortium rep here?