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  1. bestial wrath macro names

    i call mine cd
  2. Items loses.

    On the change to new core, players playing on the old core could only keep crafted items, items up to heroic's + BoJ vendor items. It makes sense, since server firsts wouldn't be a fair race, etc.
  3. Newbish question about talents builds.

    Yes, without pet you are worse than rogues. In all seriousness, pet does something like 40% of your total dps as bm.
  4. Enchantments as a BM Hunter

    No, it is not just either way. You have to decide for yourself which you think is better. http://elitistjerks....ts_tbc_hunters/ This article has calculated an average vaule, very close to every stat situation, that 1 agility is worth 2 AP in terms of actual DPS. Read if for yourself if you're interested. In every socket/enchant situation you have 2x AP compared to agility. Therefore the direct DPS is the same on all enchants. That said, both crit and AP benefits in many different situations. . Since my crit is fairly okay, around 22%, i can use kill command whenever cooldown is over. Therefore I decided to socket AP, since AP scales with my pet, and gives me more DPS. Tho, more crit gives pet more focus, if you have 2/2 [Go For the Throat], and that can benefit your dps aswell. So you decide.
  5. Server first 5 piece

    t4 gloves aren't even better than beast lord gloves. 2 sockets in beast lord wins. For Leatherworkers atleast, t4 chest is marginally better, if better at all, than Ebon netherscale chest. 16 more AP on T4 chest, 18 more Crit rating on Ebon chest. That said t4 only gives more int, like 10 int a piece on those two pieces. Shoulders should never be considered worthy.
  6. Beast Lord Dungeon set

    elitistjerks never dissappoints. Strangely I did not find this thread when searching, thanks for the link, it helped alot! On that note. I found that on a lot of raid bosses, the set bonus gives 3.5-4.5% extra dps(50dps extra when doing 1300dps). That is ALOT. And with some pieces of T4 only being marginally better than the equivalent piece in beast lord set. Why do you ever want to break this set bonus before getting nearly all of the T4 pieces? even other epic items/crafted epics aren't that much better, engineer goggles pretty good tho . And T4 set bonus is less than good. Hopefully someone will convince me that my assumptions are wrong/right. That's the reason im further discussing this.
  7. Pet stuck on attack

    +1 with ravager. Very unpleasant in raids when pet dies to aoe all the time^^
  8. Beast Lord Dungeon set

    Hello forum! My question is: How much extra dps/dmg/AP does the 4-set bonus from the Beast Lord dungeon set actually give? (ignores 600 armor) It might depend on the enemy, but maybe there's an average value.