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  1. Warsong should be renamed China

    What makes you think we dont care? we're working to improve and make changes, quite big ones too. We tend to ignore the flamers and hate speech as normal players ignore them and have their own opinion, unfortunately players with better/good opinion are so easy to give up and let the flame distort the server community. Other than that, we have some changes that we made/are making to be announced soon.
  2. Warsong Gift Shop AQ Update

    Naxx gear will most likely be unavailable in the shop, only members who farm the content.
  3. Warsong Gift Shop AQ Update

    We are doing it first time as a test, no need to start the drama each shop update. Community is largely against donations and especially donators, as a one test, we will provide them actual benefits - as our players supported us during the summer/autumn start - we give them 1 week headstart and we hope they will enjoy it!
  4. arena charters

    developers are working on it, at this point we made few adjustments for players not to lose gold and now looking to fix it.
  5. Update on AQ release and event?

    developers are planning minor updates to the raid, but we think to release unmodified version first (to prevent possible crashes/issues) Announcement is coming with more changes.
  6. Update on AQ release and event?

    To update, deadlines are set for 1 (AQ) and 2 (SWP) weeks, we will be posting more about that in updates. For now we are attempting to patch all the fixes from the PTR - which should take a while and you may expect some stability issues, but we will work these out before raid releases
  7. PvP rank NOT updated :(

    Good day Developers are investigating the issue (applying fixes already) and we will attempt to resolve player issues afterwards. Please keep the screenshots available
  8. Population Archangel Q4 2016?

    Were you posting misleading information again?
  9. Update on AQ release and event?

    currently planning the best way to work out the event and the release. Will be posted in an announcement in the upcoming days (and released)
  10. Population

    First off, have to mention that night time population is dropping due to US-lag, without VPN not much can be done there. "banning" clearly doesn't work, developers are making workarounds to prevent the game cheats/exploits and we're manually removing any cheated gold (while disabling cheats/hacks/bots one by one) We've also banned multiple gold buyers to discourage players, further on we plan to balance the gold as default, once crashes/lag issues are fixed, we plan to double up our population via game events, advertising and ofcourse the upcoming content releases
  11. Announcement [ AKA The lid]

    That's similar to asking a non developer to fix bugs. Also, passive aggressive is not the way to ask questions lol !
  12. State of PvP

    boys... boys.... We'll provide you with some PvP updates within this and the next week. There are multiple cheats/hacks that we are solving, meanwhile banning is the only way to go Population balance when it comes to pvp is being considered as a priority for us and we will attempt to solve it for 3 timezones, more about that in later announcements. P.s. As compensation for these awful cheating problems we face, we will hire an extra (temporarily) developer for pvp fixes only till we make it up for the delays.
  13. Update on AQ release and event?

    Quick answer, we're working on this right now We are making decisions in regards of faction balance, therefore we cannot answer direct questions like "release" - we have an announcement ready for AQ, once final preparations are met (unrelated to players, minor server issues). AQ event start is delayed by 3 weeks already, ASAP is the only answer we can give you at this moment, on the other hand, it is one of the top 3 priorities for Warsong server. ETA - a week, depending on how fast we resolve the cheating issues (we have multiple) and the server stability When talking about releases or server in general: "Blizzlike" is always the answer, yes, we will release full event (depending on crash/lag troubles we had, more "like" less "blizz" may be the case) and we will consider helping members every 1-2 weeks with a set % of resources in order to release the raid earlier than winter. AQ20 early release is in consideration (yes, Pugs and rare gear is a reasonable point), players desiring early AQ20 should express their strong points about it.
  14. Mop Arena Tournament

    MoP Project was put "on hold" while we were busy, i will inquire today about it and when are we planning to continue with it.
  15. So Many Bans So Little Time.

    You are free to express your opinion as long as it follows server rules and community guidelines. I would recommend you to see your friends when you lack attention as our community cannot provide the support you need in this matter