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  1. There are multiple things that may cause it and we do tend to go with the player caused (rather, user caused, because it is not players interest to disrupt the game servers). We are not 100% sure, attempting multiple fixes at once right now therefore we wont give you a straight answer on what it could be. 3 developers are working on the DC/lag issue as top priority for some time now so it should be solved (PS. it seems that other private servers are lagging as well? blizz DDOS pls)
  2. chinese player in pvp

    Gms are investigating each case, we wont have abusers or cheaters ruining the game for our players. Except all the haters above who are now warned for racism and hate speech ^
  3. Will we ever get a SoC fix?

    It is very clear that Feenix doesnt run for donations, but for overall progress (does include donations). You commenting such only makes your issue delayed aka random whiners request x fix, while we fix skills that disturbs player gameplay based on constructive feedback and real reasoning behind it (shaman, hunter topics) damage adjustment (buff or nerf) for paladins does interest us, we've received 4-5 mentions of the issue therefore we prioritized it as "low" priority. Lastly, do you think we want players like above to enjoy our servers and be online giving negative / passive aggressive comments to nice players?
  4. Fix hunter traps

    Yea there are too many questions in the screenshots, anyone has a video? I do think players dont mention "range" as a bug without a reason and im looking forward to dig up whats up and fix it if needed (if i remember correct, it was caused by a fix, right?)
  5. multiple developers work on crashes as top priority. This weekend we might have some solutions to it, but for now, making a video of the fights is your best friend Server availability is our top priority and all is being done to stabilize it asap
  6. Broken Promise

    Im not 100% sure, but all bosses and trash are scripted but the few bugged skills. You know, if one skill is wrong it might take away full difficulty of the fight so we are very careful about that. The promises to release full as community requested (also it was terribly negative feedback on retail) were the wrong choices in this case, we would at least given you something to do, we got that part. inb4 its a discussion, i'll request more info from devs and testers to see where we are. Recent crashes were top priority for everyone therefore i dont expect much change
  7. Your server hamsters are DYING

    Well yes, if server stability is in question, you're right to mention it. We dont really take complaints about it and obviously stability and lagless gameplay is our top priority - we even used to pride ourselves in that: This feedback is very appreciated. In regards of other servers, there are some as far as i know, weird ones too, players are free to try them out - we dont want you to think that you are stuck here and we are quite sure that we offer competitive and good (player perspective: acceptable) servers
  8. Warsong Census

    sure sweetheart, i understand that naxx was very interesting for everyone on other server and your characters were very interesting up until the point where other server let everyone down This topic is going nowhere as it seems, if you have any complaints, feel free to submit them to the customer support
  9. About the server

    We are sorry that the gameplay we provide you is not good enough for you, we do encourage players to take part in private servers and to try out retail experience as an alternative
  10. Warsong Census

    You're adorable About ED/Warsong/Alakir, If you were online you would have seen how it went - your loss for missing out (actually, if no one chased random servers we would still upgrade merged realm to TBC - eventually - Vanilla has an end to it when more than half of the server is running in T3)
  11. Nefarian shadowflame hitting players behind throne

    We decide on issues at the end - we thought it would be nice for players to fight rather than to "avoid" some mechanic for once. And yes, it is up for a discussion
  12. Gold Spammers.. Everywhere.

    wanna risk your account for this claim?
  13. Nefarian shadowflame hitting players behind throne

    awww devs were working their asses off to make it more blizzlike and solve stupid issues. Also the "maybe blizzlike" nefarian spot, give them some credit
  14. a SS convertion discussion is here or you can simply search for your own TGA converter
  15. Gold Spammers.. Everywhere.

    We are aware of the issue and we're figuring out ways to stop them from annoying our players, meanwhile we are hitting them in the source, they have lost a shitload of gold already and we will delete all of them eventually. We are also banning players who purchase big amounts of gold (intentionally destroying the economy for personal gain) - hopefully it will all calm down soon