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  1. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    To continue the "I didnt read and i have an opinion topic"... Yup, warsong being the only server capable of running 4k players is/was a huge success ED was born from feenix, same as now, because as an independent server it would have never had more than 100 players similar to all new servers, warsong players were the success of ED
  2. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    You forgot to read the part where ED is not part of Feenix, but okay.
  3. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    Yes we plan to remerge old servers, yes we will make a new realm. Once again about the hate, please read the replies first, players abandoned ED before "hate" because new servers started (do not forget that players were paid to spread lies and hate since corecraft first started around 2013?) and bot server release ended it (1x server with low population does not work because there are less level 60 players) - we had to merge, we had to progress somewhere. ED will run as decided by community, who seem to be discussing past issues or other options instead. It is an awesome idea that wasn't tried before and "against all odds" (letting players decide on a server/progress is why wow was ruined in higher patches) should be a fun place to play
  4. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    point being - if players choose to come from negative side, ED will be "another server" - it is a first community+developer based server (terrible idea when you think of it) and it allows players to take part in running it. At this point staff is discussing to allow players to re-sell their own gold and closely monitor the markets for cheats (automated) in order to disable RP shops completely (without first idea of 10-15 major supporters or simple service power-ups) - this would help players to fund their friday nights while playing game, ruin external gold sellers and encourage auction house/profession farming. Most of all it is intended for players to do something extra with their game time and forcing them to invite more people to play with them (bigger market - more gold), even if not - attitude towards new players is more warm/welcoming
  5. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    Once realm is setup we are going to let it go/setup advertise plan from there
  6. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    ED will go live somewhere at the start/mid february, there was never a discussion of "no". Players will choose if they want it as popular server or a small one. You did not read how much influence it has to Feenix or from Feenix, we have no plans for community as it wont be ours
  7. It is a hot discussion for mount training as indeed for new players it is complicate to start with slow mount. On the other hand once the server starts gaining momentum - new players may sell their findings on AH to gain too much gold if we provide a free alternative
  8. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    Have to mention an important detail, having a positive opinion about Feenix or plan some nice realm (not Feenix, but split from Feenix) will get you 50+ retribution paladins calling you retarded, but we are glad some players can see beyond that and stand for their opinion. Which ever side you are on, we value players with opinion - stick to it - and in this case, try to apply it to emerald dream project idea and we are sure it will fit. few k player realm ran by players (player managers, supporters and issue voting) and developers (without middle man) would not be dragged in and out by hate nor by new realms opening / shutting down - stable and solid server.
  9. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    Oh boy the hate. We offer an independent server that would be perfect for all vanilla players - responses are mostly based on Feenix which if you have read the topic, will have nothing to do with ED - same as before. Split. The current setup for ED has nothing to do with Warsong nor with what we would want from a server, but we can see that players struggle choosing a server as they keep on coming up and down, others attempt to profit without giving any work (stealing Feenix fixes is nice progress, but good luck with them if you dont have good developers) - our goal was always to provide a platform for players and a high quality servers/service if we see that players can't choose - it will have to be our platform once again till a better choice comes up and players have the decision for themselves - not influenced by false talks/plain lies. It is up to players to decide if they want such project and we will attempt to ignore meaningless hate further on. Just making sure this goes through: This is not re-release. Its a new, different project simply using a great name and great domain that is available. As pointless as it would be to discuss the past events, (continue in answers) in this ED case - players will decide for themselves what is better and developers will follow. As specified "healthy" decisions are to be made Full content is scripted, no need for delayed releases - content will go as decided, developers will only improve parts that are needed by the community. It is a new way to run a server - we will see how the decisions are made (in a healthy way vs developers) and "let it run" ------------------------------------------------------------ not afterwards: this is not a request to change your opinion, its a split project that players can make as they want it to be (dream: all independent server with perfect conditions and its own self sustained development) and this post is to discuss how we start the realm. If you do not wish to participate in the new realm or do not have any input to the server start please choose different topic for comments (off topic) To answer some of you:
  10. Shop for WoTLK Server

    Shop is planned as Feenix shops always go: progression -1, some rare items and clearing rewards for active guilds. Vote shop is not planned in yet, we do not have plans to plan it yet, but if we do, it will most likely be to help with bugged quests or rare low items (no promises there, depends on population)
  11. Warsong should be renamed China

    What makes you think we dont care? we're working to improve and make changes, quite big ones too. We tend to ignore the flamers and hate speech as normal players ignore them and have their own opinion, unfortunately players with better/good opinion are so easy to give up and let the flame distort the server community. Other than that, we have some changes that we made/are making to be announced soon.
  12. arena charters

    developers are working on it, at this point we made few adjustments for players not to lose gold and now looking to fix it.
  13. Update on AQ release and event?

    developers are planning minor updates to the raid, but we think to release unmodified version first (to prevent possible crashes/issues) Announcement is coming with more changes.
  14. Update on AQ release and event?

    To update, deadlines are set for 1 (AQ) and 2 (SWP) weeks, we will be posting more about that in updates. For now we are attempting to patch all the fixes from the PTR - which should take a while and you may expect some stability issues, but we will work these out before raid releases
  15. PvP rank NOT updated :(

    Good day Developers are investigating the issue (applying fixes already) and we will attempt to resolve player issues afterwards. Please keep the screenshots available