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  1. Русскоговорящие

    ironic Krzyk because look at your signature link ))
  2. Thats an old superstition from back in the retail man. That the first to enter the instance/raid would "seed" the ID and that could influence drop rates. Its not true
  3. Interesting bug i encountered

    I tryed to google "You are in Queue for Eastern Kingdoms" but i got no result. I guess it has never happend to anyone before or it hasnt been reported
  4. can you help me connect?? ive had ppl tell me how to do it but i just dont get it and i need some one to do it for me please? do you know what team viewer is and if so id: 288 585 763 password:5364 and if not do you got skype i can do interface and you can tell me what to do? Reply Report

  5. So i was qued for WSG and i was dueling outside IF with someone while waiting for the game to start. My MS spiked to 2000, i belive due to ISP but thats less important. while in duel (and in combat) i got the anti hack message and got DCd. When i logged back i was dead and when i checked if i am still qued for WSG i found something i never seen before. this is not a bug report since the conditions to reproduce this are like 1% possible. just posting it because i found it interesting