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  1. 7000 views later, I think I helped ED!

    Clearly. Let's leave it there.
  2. 7000 views later, I think I helped ED!

    I asked for abuse too, and it looks like I got that! Well it looks like I fooled you actually. You seem to think I am here just to promote a video. If you had bothered to do your research before you opened your mouth, you'd found that i was here way back in August 2012 and was playing ED on launch day. I can even tell you who got server first 60 and the fact you didn't see me talking to that person in the video tells me that you were not around during launch. The only person around here to be fooled is you. It's a shame your too blind to see you'r only fooling yourself. Anyone that uses the forum correctly would see I've actually been here since before the server was even live. ---------------------------------- Calling me dumb, and an advertiser really blew up in your face didn't it. Funny how in a very short space I've pretty much turned it around and made you look very foolish. Pro Tip: Next time you think about trolling, maybe do a little research on your subject, otherwise getting publicly owned is going to keep reoccurring.
  3. 7000 views later, I think I helped ED!

    Eh? If you mean the other server I talk about in the video. Their BC server is a long way off yet, let alone their Vanilla server. So I doubt their is much to worry about there. Also I think the fact that I'm 100% honest in the reviews by sharing what I really think, and not just making a 15 minute butt licking video - I think people can see I have no loyalty to a server so my advise is neutral. Trying to pretend that Feenix is the only server and there is no competition is childish. I will review a server and compare it to others, because that's what a potential player will also do. Do I think this hurts the server I am reviewing? No. Actually the opposite. As you'll see here: (By the way, glad you liked it dude! ) So long as the server is good people will come. I'll compare the server to a different one that is offering a similar environment, because that's what the end user will also do. People like honesty, i said some nice things about ED and I didn't bullshit anyone. ED is good enough to compete, it doesn't need defending from the outside world. (Also, locked thread??!! Good luck with that: )
  4. 7000 views later, I think I helped ED!

    I had a sound hardware issue when filming this video (sorted now, using USB port of sound card = bad idea) - sorry about that, I know it's a bit shit!
  5. Well I'm very close to hitting 7000 views on YouTube, I'm the top search result for "Emerald Dream" on YouTube, I'd say I had success with my video! I know I pissed a few people off when I first posted it online, but I thought I'd show my face here again to accept any praise/abuse you guys want to throw at me. As a side note, I'll be back on Warsong every so often again, as I'm filming my new series of 'Vanilla VS Pandaria' videos soon. And this time I'll actually credit Feenix in each video rather than leave the server un-named! P.S I do have another private server video coming soon (I won't say the server name, but it's a popular 255 WOTLK server), and you guys think you got a bum deal, this 255 server is going to get an utter grilling because it's awful!
  6. Hopefully I didn't piss too many people off in this thread: - If I did, this is me making it up to you. ENJOY!
  7. Helping people with the dream!

    My point was that tanking can so easily be broken by n00b DPS in Vanilla. With so many people used to playing modern WoW where DPS just let rip and don't even know what a threat meter is, PUGs are hit and miss at best, plus coupled with time to put a PUG group together, and it can be very frustrating. As I said in the video, I think BC got the balance between knowing your role and being able to fix a DPS mistake just right.
  8. Helping people with the dream!

    Some of you may have spotted my Emerald Dream video on YouTube: It's a brutally honest review and I've had a few messages saying that people are going to try it out off the back of my video (like in the picture). I just thought I'd bring this up because I did have a couple of messages who were very angry when I pointed out a couple of the downfalls.
  9. Sceptical about ED

    You'r looking at it the wrong way. Don't think of ED as a grind to lvl 60 because as you know, the game doesn't end there. What ED offers is a great Vanilla experience for quite a few reasons. * Forced 1x rates. What that means as an experience is that many users will be doing the same quests as you because people are not 12x powering through the game, so you can have more fun with other users. * An in game economy that could be greater than retail. As people wont be pumping in gold coin voting point prizes the economy will be very stable. ED can even do better than retail because there will be next to no gold sellers, so a longer stable economy. * End level gaming to those that deserve it. You may think it's a grind but I see it as a weeding out process. It's easy to get to lvl 60 when you have 12x exp rates, so when people want to do end game content, they are not prepared and can have a bad attitude. Making people earn their lvl 60 will see the weak minded players not reach the lvl.
  10. Emerald Dream - Suggestions / Ideas

    I tried logging onto the site with my normal feenix log in details but it says no. Do I need to create a new account for just emerald Dream for the website and game log in?
  11. Emerald Dream - Suggestions / Ideas

    Thanks! But really I do think that's the way forward, community based rewards, not in game rewards.
  12. Emerald Dream - Suggestions / Ideas

    I think what we all should be thinking about is how we can use donation / vote points that don't effect the game economy / experience, but still offer an incentive to vote / donate. I think community based rewards is the way forward on this one. Here are some ideas I've thought of: 1) Their could be some sort of community spot light section on the Vanilla blog. People could use their points to have their character featured on that blog. 2) Guilds could pool their points together to have their guilds featured on the blog. 3) Server shout outs. People could use points to have a personal message sent out as a server anonucement. 4) Personalised Item text. People could use their points to add a line of text to an item. Like when a crafted item says who created it. Just a short line of personal text. Well they are just four ideas and I bet if we all put our heads together we can think of some great ideas, for non-gameplay effecting vote / donation point systems.
  13. Emerald Dream - Suggestions / Ideas

    This a thousand times.
  14. Do you want instant level 50 option on this server?

    Personally I'd like to see 1x drop rates, but everything still needs to be funded. So Something has to give, at least this way the higher drop rates would off-set the possibility of less than retail server numbers so players would still be able to use a well stocked Auction House.
  15. Do you want instant level 50 option on this server?

    Emerald Dream should be: Forced 1x Exp - No exceptions, no voting/donation to change that Forced Starting lvl 1 No exceptions ---Voting & Donation Exceptions--- Higher Drop rates Voting & Donation points to purchase Rare Pets & Mounts