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  1. If I remember rightly I think its a game, not sure though....
  2. ^ Join us...... it is your destiny..... Exceptional players will always be considered!
  3. Pre raid holy gear

    Googled and found.
  4. Bumping for the greater good... the greater gooood....
  5. Want normal server

    The fun of world pvp and having a common enemy, once you've leveled and done the quests you need to you can hide in Shat Bring on Isle of Quel'danas!
  6. Faction select?

    For the horde!
  7. Always video games fault according to the Daily Mail/The Sun/The Mirror. He obviously had issue's.
  8. Percent S Kills Dragons

    I killed Hogger... forgot to take a print screen Next time i'll make a post about it with a screeny.
  9. Combat Log Macro

    I couldn't find another post of this - Basically the combat log is a bit of a nightmare currently and doesn't appear to work correctly, causing addons like threatmeters/recount to often not work (nearly always). Found a neat little macro that appears to fix this (currently testing) and definitely fixed recount etc and appears to fix KTH threatmeters while the entire group use it. /run local f = CreateFrame("frame",nil, UIParent); f:SetScript("OnUpdate", CombatLogClearEntries); Use this when you log in and randomly now and then (doesn't need to be every couple of mins I use it max once every 10 - 15 mins). Suppose you could even link it to some kinda cooldown or buff. Let me know how it goes and apologies if double post!
  10. Well the Police won't come after you if you do. Unsure whether it is against server rules though.
  11. People tend to spam /world for groups, its usually quicker /join world
  12. Post Your Ui

    Caith UI is essentially a clever mix of alot of usual addons Type /bar config and you can add/remove/resize your bars But then you need the panels to increase aswell, type /pitbull to bring up a menu of addons, in the drop down box choose 'eepanels'. You then have to find the right panels and resize them accordingly, its a bit confusing at first. Every panel is actually a set of 4 panels. Do NOT manually move your bars around with your mouse in eepanels, there is a bug that will make them all disappear when you relog I recommend before doing anything you take a backup of your 'WTF' folder, if something does go wrong you can just paste it back in and it will be as it was when you took the backup. Took me a while but worth it, use Tukui on live and this is the closest you get to it.