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  1. Hello I am new to the server - a few friends and I are looking for a place to just have fun and hardcore raid. A few questions if anyone is whilling to answer them! 1. Which faction is more populated and does better PvE? 2. Are factions able to raid together? (We are on a BC server and alli can raid with horde so that way you dont have to worry about having far too few people) Thank you!
  2. Which to pick on this server?

    Thanks for the responses... I also need another thing I cant seem to get it to work.. anyone willing to help me please?
  3. Hello, A friend and I are wanting to roll on this server, we are wondering which is more active for raiding horde or alliance? Also which class/specs are most needed? We usually do a healing/tank combo. Mostly wondering on horde or alliance. Also what is the normal raid times? We are looking for, starting, at 7pm raid time during the week. Thank you.