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  1. where scam starts

    while i do agree with the fact that tipping one gold is kinda like giveing ur pizza driver a penny. its rather insulting, however if u dont put a fee attached dont expect anyone to tip. Its not required.
  2. Lost characters from the old core

    No they have decided to not do another transfer as stated by a staff member in the section that this should be posted tho its rather upseting to alot to finally learn this. Nothing will be done so just make a new account and remake them characters.
  3. Old core transfer

    I cant list all the things i lost in a single post but to simplify it i had all 10 toons with 16 slots, mainly 18 slots and a few 20 slots bags all full. Items ranging from stacks of primals to blue gear for low lvl alts im sure recovering this is not simple and and easy task. So thats why i havnt flooded the forums with demands and requests for another transfer. Athairne never promised us a date on a transfer or if one would ever happen, but did post they would consider doing one after the release and polish of t5 content, if the devs have some free time. I hope they still consider it when they are done with t5 would be nice to recieve my account back. but remember they had to push back t5 release due to unforseen problems one of wich was the connsistant attacks on the server so remember the devs are still very busy
  4. Gold begging

    To gold beggers i love to do a /lol and continue walking to the AH usually works as far as whispers go for gold beggers
  5. Check the AH i can sell one, im horde so will have to drop in the gadgetzhan AH check it it will be up for 40g
  6. Paramedic retires?

    damn Hate to see such talent leave this great server. Paramedic i never personally hade the pleasure to work with u, tiss a shame. But im glad to have seen you sooo many times on the forums helping out the missinformed. I hope u reconsider your reasons for leaving, But if not i hope u do well where ever it is you go or do
  7. Transfer from old to new core?

    ATM all transfers have been closed till further notice. When will they decide to do another transfer is unknown at the time plz check the forums reguarlly to find updates as to when they do another
  8. old core need a gm help.

    ATM all transfers have been closed till further notice. When will they decide to do another transfer is unknown at the time plz check the forums reguarlly to find updates as to when they do another
  9. Any and all information regarding flaws in the anti cheat system should be posted in the bug tracker forum
  10. lost character

    Not sure if your aware but they did a core change those with same account names as there tbc account were bugged and are unuseable atm. they did do a transfer for those that missed the 1st transfer. The transfer are closed untill further notice. they also said they were wipeing gear and gold when the core change happens. i had 4,500 gold on my account droped to 1k so dont care your petty loss. gold is easy to get back
  11. Question About Transfer

    No they will not perform a transfer from vanilla to TBC u must lvl a new toon on the server. Sry
  12. Account issue is where this should be posted. While i can awnser one of your questsions "When the new core was opened, people with account names that also existed on the 1.12 realm were given a chance to choose a new account name by using a form on the website. If you did not fill this out, then your account was not transferred. The transfers are now closed until further notice." Posted by Database-who is a Feenix GM to other players with a question like yours, regarding having the same name on both tbc and vanilla there is no further information as to when they will consider doing another transfer. keep checking the forums daily under news and announcements. For the time being u should make another account and lvl some more toons or just simply wait for another transfer to be announced.
  13. old tbc account.

    i think there is a misunterstanding about the transfer in the sense that its not something the GM's do. it done by the dev's, might be why the GM's ignore the dozens of messages they get about the transfer. id be annoyed by the same question 10,000 times if i was in that position
  14. Deleted my character.

    Post this in a differnt section this is in the wrong spot for this request Read to find the section u should post this request in
  15. just keep checking the forums and home page daily and u shouldnt miss the next one when it happens