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  1. [H] Convulsion (US)

    I'm currently a lvl 54 fury warrior, should be 60 by this weekend. My RL buddy was 59 enh shaman as of last night. Probably 60 by the time I finish this post lol. When we get some decent gear we'll contact you. Previous raid experience in multiple games etc. Is there any official place to apply Jduff?
  2. vanilla economy... explained?

    I was wondering the same thing. I just hit 54 and only bought my 40% mount 3 levels ago. I'd imagine I would have sooner if I didn't have to learn so many abilities. I'm sitting back around 60 gold selling a decent amount of silk and wool cloth and my random blue but I almost had a heart attack when I saw the price tag for epic riding. It's like 900 gold!!! I don't remember it being that much lol.
  3. [H] Convulsion (US)

    lvl 16 fury warrior atm, can't wait to hit 60, gear up then apply.