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  1. Hello all, My in-game name is Saelos and I'm a BE Pally. I'm looking for a Romanian guild, don't care if it's pve or pvp. Current TBC experience is up to Sunwell Plateau with BT and ZA on farm. I'm gathering my shit up but I'll be ready for instancing or pvp in maybe a week. Retri pref, can spec prot or holy if it's needed and I have decent gear. Thanks in advance.
  2. ddos stuff

    Fighting fire with fire is sometimes the most effective way to win a battle. Regardless, I leave this at your whim, as I said, it was just a suggestion, if the Admins think it's better not to do this, I trust your judgement is better than mine. Good luck and I'm anxiously waiting the server's comeback
  3. ddos stuff

    Counterhack and when their pc's start frying, they'll chill the Hell out. WoW on one side but let's see if they like living without internet.
  4. Greetings fellow players and GMs/Staff. Leaving aside the fact that most of us can't play due to the recent attacks and all that, I was actually wondering if anything rather that having a bigger broadband can be done about this. Mainly, what I'm referring to is a counter ddos attack that could stop those scriptkiddies in their tracks. Since I don't know shit about programming or I would do this myself, maybe one of you guys that knows how it's done could contact the GMs and with their help, track the bastards and shut them down. I'm well aware that this is illegal, as someone on a post has previously said, though, my logic fails to understand why that would stop anyone. The server in itself is illegal and there is actually nothing they could do about it if they would be attacked. Let's check their options here: 1. They're going to call the police and then what? "You know, officer, we were hacking this private WoW server that we were playing on because we got banned (or w/e) and they hacked us back. Could you please arrest them?" 2. They're going to lie to the police and the police could investigate the matter. And, after that? The police is going to take the earliest plane to w/e country the server is on so they can arrest the staff? Come the **** on... 3. Judging by their experience, they're just gonna sit there and eat it. And then we can all go back to our usual playing/farming/bg-ing, w/e. Which of the options is most likely, I ask of thee? Well, of course, number 3. Please bear in mind that this is not a rant, just a suggestion. I can and will do other things in the meanwhile and the GMs have my 140% (go Putin) support regardless of their choice. So, GO FEENIX and I await any answers to the post. PS: tl;dr...I know, I know
  5. Wow, some really good stuff here. Didn't expect to see black metal or aggrotech. I'ma give it a shot
  6. Path of the Adept bugged?

    Thanks, skipped.
  7. Path of the Adept bugged?

    Greetings, I did all the steps required to complete the quest Path of the Adept (Blood Elf Paladin) except for the Blood Elf Insignia which is supposed to be on a corpse in Deatholme. I went to the coords but the corpse isn't there. Is there a chance that it could have fallen through the earth? Did anyone complete the quest till now? Thanks in advance.