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  1. NEW ITEMS ?

    what about R10 + av ab wsg rep, MC, ZG, AQ20 - free start gear ONYX, BWL, AQ40 - gold NAXX - blizzlike R13, R14 - blizzlike its save best part of PVE - NAXX and if you make instant R10 like instant 60 lvl - its save best part of PVP - the fight for the 1st standing and R14 and if you make high prices for onyx, bwl, aq40 gear - you get R12+ (from starting r10) faster then you get gold for full t2 t2,5 i think its would be nice
  2. NEW ITEMS ?

    if you want save rank system, ok don't touch this if you add zg, aq20, mc, bwl, onyx items (+flasks consumables and enchants) buyable for gold, yes, its kill this raids, but its add more geared people, especially tanks and healers, for AQ40 and NAXX on warsong i got r10 with 10k hks, now i have 40k hks and defilers tabard, with same r10 gear. no time for raids, no time for top 10 standings, just farm soul shards, major healing potions, que wsg, and hope you got pug on alliance side, and play, just for fun if i can get buyable t2, i need nothing more, just kill some flag carriers i think what people no wanna add more gear vendors, because they love gank d2 people, with their t2.5 t3 how to farm grand marshal, with flasked 8/9 t3 premade, if all horde pugs its flasked 8/8 t2 people
  3. NEW ITEMS ?

    would be nice, if you add new items bought for gold somethin like: ZG, AQ20, MC - 250g BWL - 500g AQ40 - 1000g NAXX - 3000g Legendary weapons - 10000g _______________________ R10 - 250g R13 - 500g R14 - 1000g _______________________ Flasks - 100g Engeneering vendor Enchants vendor Consumables vendor ________________________ if you want rollplay and true blizzlike, you can go to ED If you want to raid naxx or fight against the alliance premades, you can go to Warsong server if you want hardcore, solo que pvp, where everyone can farm BIS gear, without long months of raids and 1st standings, you can go to - NEW AL'AKIR !!! you think there would be willing to play on this server? ok... what about add D2 chest
  4. HASHASH 5+

    2x trinkets macros = oneshot every 2min 30sec. okay, no more double trinket abuse. 2x trinkets in rotation + flask = oneshot every 1 minute. LFM sholo lab run, need all...
  5. HASHASH 5+

    bad link, now all ok, HD
  6. HASHASH 5+

    highest crits, from my first movie + new song and effects
  7. NEW 1.12.1 PVP SERVER!!!

    start gear: (FREE) class sets vendor -free r10 set (head/shoulders, chest/legs, gloves/boots) -free D2 set (head/chest/gloves/boots, shoulders/legs/bracers/belt) ZG and AQ20 armor vendor -free all blue items (head, shoulders, chest, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, boots) BG's reputation vendor -free - all AV blue items (friendly/honored/revered) -free - all AB blue items (friendly/honored/revered) -free - all WSG blue items (friendly/honored/revered) accessories vendors -necks -all blue (from 5 mans, U L BRS, ZG, AQ20) -backs -all blue (from 5 mans, U L BRS, ZG, AQ20) -rings -all blue (from 5 mans, U L BRS, ZG, AQ20) -trinkets -all blue (from 5 mans, U L BRS, ZG, AQ20) weapons vendors -all blue caster and melee 1h, 2h, offhand, range (from 5 mans, U L BRS, ZG, AQ20) ______________________________________________________________________________ epick gear: (GOLD) 3xWSG marks = 10g, 3xAB marks = 15g, 3xAV marks = 40g class sets vendor -T1 (1 piece = 250g) -ZG class set (bracers/belt/shoulders/chest - 250g each, neck - 300g, trinket - 500g) -AQ20 class set (ring/back - 300g each, weapon - 500g) ZG, AQ20, MC armor vendor -all epick items (head, shoulders, chest, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, boots - 250g each) BG's reputation vendor -AV exalted items (mace - 500g, dagger - 250g, offhand - 250g, ring - 300g) -AB exalted items (staff - 500g, dagger - 250g, shoulders - 250g, back - 300g) -WSG exalted items (legs - 250g, bracers - 250g) accessories vendors -all epick necks from ZG, AQ20(head of ossirian neck), MC (300g - each) -all epick backs from ZG, AQ20, MC (300g - each) -all epick rings from ZG, AQ20, MC (300g - each) -all epick trinkets from ZG(heart of hakkar), AQ20, MC (500g - each) weapons vendor -all epick caster and melee 1h, 2h, offhand, range (from ZG, AQ20, MC) -1h - 250g, offhand - 250g, 2h - 500g, ranged - 250g (staff of the ruins - 750g, zinrokh - 750g) ______________________________________________________________________________ R12, R13, R14, and legendary items vendor -R12- gloves/legs/boots - 1200g each -R13- head/shoulders/chest - 1300g each -R14- weapons, 1h - 1400g, 2h - 2800g, book/shield/ranged - 500g each -Sulfaras - 3000g, Thunderfury - 1500g consumables vendor -flask of the titans - 200g, flask os supreme power - 100g, flask of distilled wisdom - 100g -and all rest, healing/mana pottions, elixirs, scrolls, food engineering vendor -shadow/frost/fire reflectors - 200g each -iron grenade - 1g stack, thorium grenade - 3g stack -goblin/gnomish heads - 100g each -and all rest
  8. NEW 1.12.1 PVP SERVER!!!

    you move my post to staff section? can't find, can you give me link pls?

    скучно? так не смотри, тебя никто не заставляет. зато как интересно, сутками, bis одетым под флаской, примейдом, с инстант que, фармить пуги орды, чтоб через два месяца стать р14, и кончить... а если ты не понял что я написал, учи великий и могучий русский язык...
  10. destruction warlock pvp movie, wow 1.12.1 144x3000-3999! 47x4000-4977! 31x5000-5780! and special for you 6252! and 6516! server - warsong, character - Music: Ария - Обман Ария - Смотри! Ария - Горящая Стрела Special thanks to: Wife, Son and friend Komp for intro
  11. Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service!

    hi guys we kill boss Beast in UBRS, and skinner with 315 skill skinning boss but questgiver NPC Finkle Einhorn does not appear how to got quest - Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service! ??? i very want got next quest in chain - Cap of the Scarlet Savant help me pls
  12. 11