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  1. Wish I could get one of those adorable saber mounts But for those interested in the cub: For size comparison: Annoyingly drops below the ground in Orgrimmar all the time. Also give more cat pets please
  2. Tooltip & Stance dependant macro

    /run --CastSpellByName("Bloodrage") /run _,_,c=GetShapeshiftFormInfo(3); if not (c) then CastSpellByName("Berserker Stance") elseif UnitMana("Player")<10 then CastSpellByName("Bloodrage") else CastSpellByName("Intercept") end Not thoroughly tested, just a few pops standing still in town. Also not even sure if it is what you want, but this is just cleaned up version of what you posted. This should probably do the same, but bit faster. But guess if you were having problems with it not using bloodrage below 10 it still might here. Can always try and change it to <=9, though that most likely will have the same effect. Or even change around the whole thing with if rage>9 then intercept else bloodrage.
  3. Tooltip & Stance dependant macro

    /run --CastSpellByName("xyz"); Make that the first line with the spell's cd you want to see. Works for me with tracking my stealth cd.
  4. Spammable vanish/stealth Macro

    First guess is that you get error containing a bit of this: "...'end' expected near '<eof>'" Which says it all, should be easy to figure out. Game is crying for closure.
  5. Create healthstone/use healthstone macro

    /run local f for i=0,4 do for k=1, GetContainerNumSlots(i) do d=GetContainerItemLink(i,k) or "" if strfind(d,"Major Healthstone") then UseContainerItem(i,k) f=1 end end if not f then CastSpellByName("Create Healthstone (Major)()") end end 238/255 chars, no addons needed. Replace Major with any rank you wish, or remove in total for normal healthstone. Works for my lock.
  6. Druid Pounce / Prowl Conditional Macro

    Sorry, misread. Thought it would work fine since I just copy pasted from ingame working macro. For some reason it's capitalizing the 'b', same in post above. Simply replace ( with ( in and it should fix it. Or change '_,f,b' to '_,f,B'
  7. Druid Pounce / Prowl Conditional Macro

    Like I said, never used SuperMacro. But think I forgot the end in it, you can try with /run if not buffed("Prowl") then cast("Prowl") else cast("Pounce") end /run c=CastSpellByName; for i=1,5 do _,f,b=GetShapeshiftFormInfo(i); if ( then if strfind(f,"Bear") then c("Enrage") elseif strfind(f,"Cat") then c("Tiger's Fury") end end end And if something errors, it would be helpful to know what kind of error.
  8. Druid Pounce / Prowl Conditional Macro

    /run --CastSpellByName("Prowl") /script i=1;m=0;while(UnitBuff("player",i)~=nil) do if(strfind(UnitBuff("player",i),"Ability_Ambush")~=nil) then m=1; end;i=i+1;end; c=CastSpellByName; if(m==1) then c("Pounce");else c("Prowl");end Works for me, doesn't need SuperMacro, shows cooldown. It just grays out once you enter prowl With SuperMacro I guess something along the lines might work, not sure since I've never used it. /run --CastSpellByName("Prowl") /run if not buffed("Prowl") then cast("Prowl") else cast("Pounce")
  9. Tranq Shot Message Only When Fired Macro

    /run local st = GetSpellCooldown(48,"spell") if st==0 then if CastSpellByName("Tranquilizing Shot"); SendChatMessage("your msg here","yell") end Maybe, I dont have access to a hunter with tranq. Should cast and send message if not on cd/gcd. Used something similar for my kick macro years ago Also assuming from previous post 48 is slotID for tranq, prone to change on respeccing. If not sure about slotID enter it in, you'll get spellname /run sN = GetSpellName( slotID,"spell" ); DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spellname= "..sN)
  10. Rogue Macro's

    Just get ezdismount, or try with .dismount Used this for a long time until I made it into a function /run m,i,ub,p,st=0,1,UnitBuff,"player","Stealth" while ub(p,i)do if string.find(ub(p,i),st)then CastSpellByName(st)elseif string.find(ub(p,i),"Mount")then m=1 end i=i+1 end if m==0 then UseContainerItem(x,y) end With x,y being bagId and slot, starting at 1 top left.
  11. Mana gems macro

    This works for me, though I tried the same thing earlier and it would always use the Agate first. So it might act up a bit /run local c=function(a) local d a="Mana "..a for i=0,4 do for k=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do d=GetContainerItemLink(i,k) or "" if strfind(d,a) then UseContainerItem(i,k) end end end end c "Ruby" c "Citrine" c "Jade" c "Agate"
  12. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

  13. Hunter Macro to Cycle Through Tracking

    Sorry, my bad, run /run icon= GetTrackingTexture() DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(icon); Will give you icon name as well, makes me feel like an idiot to not have thought about this before. In this case INV should be all capitalized. Just make sure to change the to .
  14. Hunter Macro to Cycle Through Tracking

    I think it's GetTrackingTexture()=="Interface\\Icons\\Inv_Misc_Flower_02" Icon names is quite easy to get, just find the correct icon on wowwiki and look at the file name or adress bar. Capitalize letters and done.
  15. Hunter Macro to Cycle Through Tracking

    /run if (GetTrackingTexture()=="Interface\\Icons\\Ability_Stealth") then CastSpellByName("Track Humanoids") else CastSpellByName("Track Hidden") end; Inb4 using textures like this is usually for building UIs, not macros.