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  1. Hey guys, its Friday @ 5:23 EST and its telling me i'm unable to connect? Is the servers down? what would i need to do to get connected! Thanks guys!
  2. Deathblow to the legion ( quest )

    I've killed both mobs, we've killed the 350k dude thinking the other would finally help out. killed both.. done it another time thinking well. kill the 105k dude then the 350k Neither way worked for us.. Idk what the deal is.. Anybody else been able to complete it?
  3. Deathblow to the legion ( quest )

    Hey guys, Just wondering. the quest deathblow to the legion to get the ring (Kaylaan's Signet) is it bugged? I've killed the mob twice now neither time i received credit for completing the quest. Any tips? or is it bugged?
  4. Trusted Crafters List

    Just wondering what I need to do to be placed on here? i have 373 BS'ing and have crafted some gear for people. Just wanting to get on here so i don't have to prove to people every way possible to show i have the items i'm trying to make. Thanks Parox.