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  1. Going to level every class to 60.

    u dont like girls? or girls dont like u?
  2. Beginning the Dream doesn`t exist? ah doesnt matter, found my old cd`s ... still smell new
  3. Going to start healing.. Tips?

    and i start healing kara with 700bh unbuffed on blizzard server. and feenix kara is nerfed so i wouldnt take more then 1000 or its really boring. (curator down before p2 ends :cry: ) or play with two 1200bh healer.
  4. hey i am my second id in kara right now and i wonder on what patch status this game is. will 2.4.3 the last status oder is it the status we have now? i wonder why i fall asleep all the time in kara. i thought its blizz like. will ssc and tk be on the status as it was @ 2.4.3 on live server? because if its so its really a waste of time to raid kara/gruul/mag/ssc/tk/hyal/bt because these instances will be all patched for faceroll playing -slook
  5. i didn`t want to see people crying here neither
  6. yeah ice mage is really useless ... now i have to lvl a new pvp char
  7. Mining guide for Arch.

    this really needs a fix there r a million herbs but for mining u have to spend more time then on blizzard bc to clear new content ... reason to quit
  8. hey i bought some items for my priest with vp. 2x d3 set-items but i cant find any items for an enhancement. or the items cost 60vp while priest sets cost 20vp do i miss items? can u pls show me starting items i can buy with 20-30vp? i cant find them. -slook
  9. i wonder if mount hyal trash will be nerfed
  10. Pre raid holy gear

    maybe u try to look a few post under yours
  11. Hey i am looking for new player who needs to farm normal dungeon and hero dungeons to get items. want to do some runs starting today (30.07) ingame: gre Class: Priest (heal or shadow)