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  1. Social Alliance guild (Ebony Order)

    Yeah i guess the 'casual' players are not as active on the forums
  2. Social Alliance guild (Ebony Order)

    But i may be the only one...
  3. Solo grinding and 5 man instances

    I never played a warrior before BC but I'm not a fan of fury.
  4. Solo grinding and 5 man instances

    Seems reasonable. I just want to make sure I am still able to tank well when i get to places like Zul'farak
  5. Solo grinding and 5 man instances

    I'm planning on leveling a warrior when emerald dream opens up and I'm trying to come up with a build that will allow me to efficiently do quest alone and tank 5 man instances. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on this? I was thinking of going arms until sweeping strikes then going into the protection tree after level 30. http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=11215875_1_8323223c30201w532001302302f Thanks in advance.
  6. Social Alliance guild (Ebony Order)

    I would be interested in joining, most likely as a human warrior.
  7. Release date 18.08.12

    I agree, also I read somewhere that the website was supposed to launch yesterday.
  8. Trouble using modifiers

    Ok, thank you. I was hoping to avoid using any type of script but I'll see if i can find something similar in other post and mold it for my use.
  9. Trouble using modifiers

    I'm trying to make a macro to cast Soul Fire when the shift key is down and cast Shadow Bolt otherwise. using this: /cast [modifier : shift] Soul Fire(Rank 1) /cast Shadow Bolt(Rank 7) cast soul fire when i use it and does nothing when i hold shift and use it. Any help would be greatly apreciated.