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  1. ED Rested XP

    Guys think a bit. You only can acumulate rested exp if your char is logged out and THE SERVER IS UP AND RUNNING. All the time that the server is turned off dont count into the rested EXP. Just realise
  2. I can not loggin into TBC server...what must i set on realmlist? i have
  3. Cant connect =(

    OMG absolutely impossible jitters do that man...he dont have inet.
  4. Cant connect =(

    Ok this is the definitive list of suspicious atackers: 1- Ghostcrawler 2- A secret syndicate of girlfriends 3- Stephen Hawkin. If you guys knows about more suspicious people just let me know.
  5. Cant connect =(

    My girlfriend have some reasons to ddos dat server....btw dont think she is doing it haha
  6. Cant connect =(

    Ghostcrawler strikes again zas zas zas.

    Hi. a message in game appeared me that says it detected some hack and its gonna be disconected in 10 secs and contact to some gm. What happens? I dont use hacks, only the normal addons. :S
  8. Emerald Dream Website

    New client is not needed i think. Just copy your client and change realmlist in one of them. is it right?
  9. A bit of respect would be nice. Btw, 1 moonkin is a "MUST BE" in all raids. His buff is awesome.
  10. Worldwide Dreamers' Time Zones Brackets

    btw, where are hosted the feenix servers? Im from Spain and yesterdey i tried some battlegrounds on archangel server and ping was horrible :S too much lag, big delay in skill sequence....unplayable.
  11. Emerald Dream Start: a few questions

    1- Inside game, in character selection page u can change the realm where u want to play. ED will be added to this list day 25 i think . 2- After installation, disc won´t be required never more. PD: Man why didnt sold that collector edition and installed for free wow from Feenix page? hehe
  12. Leveling guides

    No. You walk at 100% of your own speed in the game. Then at lvl 40 you can buy a skill/mount that increses speed 60%, and when you reach lvl 60 you can buy epic skill/mount that increses speed in 100%. PD: Save your money. only spend a little taking skills from the trainer and repairing if its necesary, because that mounts and mount skill is very expensive.
  13. Name: Hurricane Age: 26 Class: Warrior or Priest Primary spec: Prot or Shadow Loacation/Timezone: Spain GMT +1 Previous experience: Raided on retail MC, ONY, ZG, BWL, AQ20 and AQ40 in classic . Karazhan, Maghteridon, Gruul, SSC, TK and BT on burning crusade. ICC 11/12 hc on WotlK. In cataclysm i were in the 3rd spanish guild and killed Chogall hc, Lady Sinestra, Al Akir hc, nefarian hc (all down. 25 raid man). Left the game in firelands launch.
  14. Server First 60 Race

    I was videogame addict before classic wow were launched. After wow the only videogame that i have played is LOL and Dragonage and SWTOR(When i canceled my subscription after ToC patch in WotlK). I enjoyed SWTOR at the beggining, but got tired of it in 2 months.