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  1. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    You have my attention. Love everything I've read. All about bringing back "pure" Vanilla. I'm in. Will be up soon? Doesn't seem to be working yet.
  2. Feenix seems to have been safe so far. Maybe they are hosted where Blizz can't do anything
  3. Tons of Vanilla players looking for a new home. Now is the perfect time to release, or at least announce your new Vanilla server! lol the censorship messed up my title, but you guys know what I'm talking about.
  4. Hello make vanilla please

    Yup! I've played the hell out of Vanilla, and yet I never get sick of it. It's the only MMO I keep running back to. I'm actually looking forward to a fresh start and doing 1-60 all again.
  5. Hello make vanilla please

    My most enjoyable MMO'ing was on Emerald Dream. I pray that they release a blizzlike (1x) Vanilla realm someday soon.
  6. Will there ever be Vanilla again?

    I wonder what the new vanilla realm's rates will be. I'm hoping for 1x
  7. Reformed Vanilla Proposal

    The more I think about it, the more I'm starting to think you're right. I mean, there are quite a few "blizzlike" Vanilla server out there. A reimagined, or rebalanced Vanilla might just be the hook Feenix needs to draw in new players. The only question... is Feenix willing to go down this road? And as someone who tends to play underpowered specs, it would likely make the game more fun if I didn't feel like a total gimp all the time.
  8. Reformed Vanilla Proposal

    I can see both sides in regards to making changes to Vanilla. Yes, there certainly are flaws and imbalances in Vanilla. But I think I'd rather keep things true to "blizzlike". Even with the flaws, Vanilla WoW is my favorite version of any MMO ever. And I look at current retail WoW, which is so much more balanced than Vanilla. Yet I get nowhere near the enjoyment from playing it when compared to when I play Classic. Feenix doesn't need to rebalance Vanilla. They just need to advertise and build some hype for the launching of the new Vanilla server. Fresh new server launches are extremely appealing to a great many people. Either way, I'll be there on launch day of the new Vanilla realm, just as I was when Emerald Dream first launched. Damn good times. Looking forward to making more great memories!
  9. [Release planning] Storm is coming

    When is the fresh Vanilla server launching? Can't wait for a new beginning
  10. [Release planning] Storm is coming

    I haven't been playing Feenix, or WoW at all, in awhile. So I must say, the news of a fresh Vanilla server launching has me excited and I'll definitely be coming back for that!
  11. How can I disable the gun sound?

    Alright, I got it working. The 1-click add-on in this thread works:
  12. How can I disable the gun sound?

    BANG BANG BANG! yes, I'm really annoyed with it. How can I turn it off without turning off my other sounds?
  13. Survival hunter

    If I'm putting 31 points in survival I'd definitely get Deterrence and Counterattack for PvP. Improved Wing Clip is also a huge life saver against Warriors/Rogues.
  14. Can "Eye for an Eye" crit?

    I'm curious about this.
  15. One button sting macro?

    Nice! Thanks y'all