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  1. Darkmoon Faire

  2. Epic gems, question.

    If you look at the bug tracker report or read OP here, Zerix saw it and fixed it already.
  3. Question regarding alliance

    PVP server just means you can gank people in world PVP. All Feenix realms are PVP servers but PVE-focused.
  4. Druid BiS (Naxx)

    Would urge you to reconsider Valor Medal for bear and FotFF for cat, and whether you actually need t7 for bear. Also, if youre a druid and you take FotFF from a DK, well, that's just inconsiderate.
  5. Epic gems, question.

    Genie's out of the bottle, and alchs can still transmute epic gems. IMO delete all or re-release epic gems and cuts, maybe with Ulduar.
  6. VP\RP

    Probably intended. Not sure what affect no VP shop has on Feenix' vote rankings.
  7. Anyone have a working download? It seems all links point to a broken site.
  8. rawr

    It needs long loading times so it can tell you to put talent points into the resto tree for optimal bear spec.
  9. Login screen is stuck at "Connected" and server maintenance is inc. When it the realm going to be available?
  10. [1.12] Vanilla realm merge, Naxxramas opening

    Since the final "patch" was TBC with a level limit, these items were probably acquired before the characters were saved for vanilla merge.
  11. Gearscore (GS)

    Wow. How do you even know what gear to wear without gearscore to tell you which item is better?