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  1. 30-39 Bg's [repost]

    [H] Priest reporting in for some WSG. Barthalomew.
  2. Hehe i like this guy !!!

    Nice England.
  3. Hello there my name is Kaloyan

  4. Just notice this and went outside lewl

    Atleast you got the reason to stay inside and play Wöw. On the other side of sweden its sunny as hump-
  5. Thinking of returning

    Not only Al'Akir.
  6. Game of Thrones

    Anyone still watching?
  7. Looking for old friends I guess?
  8. Question about loot for alts

    No. Just do a run with your alt instead.
  9. Afaik, its against the rules.
  10. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    Simones army.
  11. Favourite Zones.

    Elwynn Forest and Azshara!
  12. Hey, Emerald Dream. -New player inc-

    Welcome lad. Enjoy the prime of wow.
  13. The Emerald Stream Hunter leveling horde.
  14. Farmerxx - Level 2 Undead Priest

    Someone on ED named farmerxx just got perma ban.