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  1. Dodge vs. Parry

    Parry requires considerably more of an item's budget. In that sense, you'll have a bit more stat distribution on items with dodge vs items with parry. However, you'll have to use your best judgement to calculate what actually gives the best avoidance on a per-item basis. I don't know for certain about parry or block, but dodge didn't have any kind of DR until 3.0.2 because rogues were actually able to exceed 100% avoidance without using evasion. edit: What he said ^
  2. Tanking lifegiving gem VS ony trink

    I never left. Look all around you... I'm in every mob, object and character. I simply ascended and became one with the feenix.
  3. Tanking lifegiving gem VS ony trink

    I didn't come with intent on arguing, I was just trying to inject a little knowledge. The only way to know if LG is good for you is to experiment. If you find yourself using it every fight, more power to you. To answer your question, I reverse engineered DFT's stats since it's the same ilvl as LG and only one ilvl higher than Onyxia Blood Talisman. With an uptime of 20 seconds vs a cooldown of 5 minutes, your uptime is 1/15. I multiplied the 60 that I got from DFT by 15 and got 900.
  4. Tanking lifegiving gem VS ony trink

    I'm definitely not going to downplay its ability to save you. There's a unique aspect to LG that makes it pretty fun, because it does scale directly with your maximum HP. I was just trying to show that Blizzard went away from this flawed design because they were as confused as players were about gear, originally. As for the comment about if the effect was increased, there's no doubt that LG would be an OP trinket... for 20 seconds. But then you'd be waiting another 280 seconds to be OP again. I think a proper fix for LG would have been placing the CD around 2 minutes and giving it a flat heal/HP increase (for its item budget, would work out to be exactly 1500). Then it could be used for tank rotations and reasonably in a lot more situations. At ilvl 75, the item has 60 stat points that you can play with. With an uptime of 20 seconds and a cooldown of 300 seconds, that would mean an item would have to give you 900 of some stat to make it worth the ilvl 75 budget. If we dump all of that into HP (worth 1/10 of a stat point) it would have to give you 9,000 HP to make it worthwhile. Unless anyone has 60,000 HP before using LG, you'll probably see it as a better idea to wear Onyxia Blood Talisman 99% of the time. Edit: Math time #2 - In its current form, over the course of its use and cooldown, LG will give you about 100 hp or 10 stamina (assuming 10,000 HP). Ever so slightly better than the level 45 WSG trinket.
  5. Tanking lifegiving gem VS ony trink

    Glad to see the warrior forums haven't changed at all. The problem with the Lifegiving Gem is at the fundamental core of the original design of items in Vanilla WoW. Around the time of WoW's initial release, a portion of their development team was cycled out and people had to learn with very little information given to them. That's why we have anomalies such as spirit on gear made for classes that can almost never use it in combat, as well as on use trinkets with no passive stats. This sort of thing was pretty much phased out in all content following AQ40. In the case of the Lifegiving Gem specifically, they didn't really give it a use based on the item budget. They didn't really do that for any of the class trinkets in BWL. They basically said "This would be cool, let's try it." and before we knew it, it was implemented. As Fishtank said, the trinket is, to say the least, situational. Pretty much the only time you'll ever want to use it over something with passive stats is when you'll be taking a large amount of damage at a time that you can predict, and then will not have to for another 5 minutes (basically the rest of the fight). To my knowledge, there is no fight in Vanilla like that, so you'll probably never have a good chance to use it in a boss fight. I can see how it would be useful for a lot of trash packs, because you can swap it in and out between combat instances. As far as wearing it permanently... a fury warrior would probably get more use out of it in boss fights than a tank will. Oh, it's good for PvP, though.
  6. Hey guys, an unfortunate announcement. RNG is no longer going to be coming to Emerald Dream. Player inactivity is pretty severe, and instead I'm going to take the players I have and anybody else who wants to join to create an international gaming community. Players from all areas, all skill levels and fans of any game are welcome to join. I apologize for having to decline all outstanding applications, if you still wish to join the Skype group, you can reach me with a PM. Thanks to everybody who joined and assisted in collecting the amazing group of players we have today.
  7. Do you want R14? Sign here

    Honestly I'm hoping that honor calculation won't start until a bit after BWL's release. Giving people access to the post-buff PvP gear would ruin the server in the early stages.

    Thanks, always wanted to know what it was like to play WoW on acid.
  9. Mythakk, I've added you to Skype. As soon as I have time, we can do an interview. Narlios, I have received your application as well. If possible, can you please download Skype and PM me your add? Thank you.
  10. About ironfoe

    The guy who posted that comment never showed any proof of his claims, and nobody else ever backed up his claims. Just saying.
  11. Thanks for your app, I'll check it out now.
  12. ED Competetion. Release date Guess. [Reward]

    Might as well guess my birthday, it's not too far off from the predicted date. 9-13-12
  13. We're now 25 members strong. All amazing players and people. However, looking to at least double that. Keep the applications and PMs coming, everybody!
  14. I'll have to mark that as 'tenative' since the shadow priest isn't a necessary part of the early raiding core. Any hybrid class has a chance of needing to play another spec. It would be pretty disappointing if people are actually allowed to grind ranks from the start, but I'll be looking forward to your app.
  15. Goodbye Feenix

    I'm gonna miss you, little buddy.