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  1. can you please add 36slot bags to donation thanks
  2. nice news Foe me, the "horse is out of the barn" - done with private servers but the most fun i had was on feenix and espcially on vanilla. It's just a complete other game than ANY expansion. No not even ducking tbc comes close. It's like the world before the internet. Everything is so slow! People have to really interact with others in the game world and I think that catches the true essence of an MMO. Alot of people may come back to your servers for some PvP fun, which i left out intentionally because of the countless PET bugs that made it really unfun for me. I think alot of people can agree that especially centuries old class bugs ( there were like 300+ ) open before you deleted your open source github. It would be nice to see if some devs are capable of fixing them. Also for the PvE crew - Atairne , remember when on Emerald Dream start,. molten core trash was bugged aka buffed and most likely harder than the bosses iteself? Or the timers were far off wowiki sources? At this time i probably flamed you and the devs for it but lookin back it was really fun and required guilds to use different strats and start using their brains again. It threw guilds off guard and their so loved bigwigs/dbm guides werer useless for a while, which, probably unintentionally, buffed the bosses and even the most basic fight was challenging again as you actually had to react so stuff instead of being prepared by an addon.
  3. btw my observation: Vendor (profession) recipies that are on a different page than the standard page 1 - do NOT restock like they are supposed to - they require a whole server restart to restock. Minor but maybe you can fix it.
  4. can you please fix the Auction house ; its currently scripted as if we are using the cross faction (goblin ) AH with horrendous fees. You basically go bankrupt when posting some stacks of titanbars on the AH. There were normal fees on the other realms, dunno if this is intended by you zerix
  5. KT was nuked within 30 min )
  6. AH Posting Prices

    yea the prices are insane
  7. so much DC

    did the server crash because some players abused your vote points leveling to get realm first == ) ?
  8. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    CATA+MOP server coming up aswell in the following days ?
  9. is it up?

    is it up?
  10. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    To anwer your question with haste cap I believe destro locks are the hardest to cap, since all other classes have lower cast times with the exception of fire mage but i belive due to rotation mages need to be at a certain level of haste and not above. Not sure about arcane mage. Destro Lock with full alliance BiS and haste Gems has about 555 Haste non buffed - 1,76 SB cast time ;; 733 with Skull of Guld0ng- 1,59 cast time ; So when heroism (30% more speed ) is launched : 1,59*60 = 95,4 milli seconds = 95,4*0,7= 66.78 = 1,113 cast time of mr shadowbolt. So you can not go under 1.0 seconds GCD at any time unless you are mister troll racial, (wtb troll warlock). Also my rocket science has proven a ~+5% dps increase with haste gems onl locks compared to spell dmg ones; This test did not include bugged orc racial GL sry if my rocket science does nnot make sense.
  11. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    kill muru first before we talk about bis list ) ?
  12. What exactly does "highrate" mean ? Loot Reputation Profession Exp What can we expect? On AA there is like 10x more loot from 1-60 Mobs, 1x reputation , 2x profession and 14x exp or something. What specefic values do you have in mind for RoS? Also IS the alliance auction house linked with the horde AH? thanks
  13. I am strongly against transfering. Sure I would like to transfer some chars over there but for the sake of the integrity of the realm and a "fresh start" i am against it. It's not a fresh realm anymore if you can just teleport your old chars over there. Not even talking about the manpower it would need to strip away all gold, non soulbound items from each transffer in oder to secure the economy of the new realm. Besides that all goldsellers will use a script to get their goldspamm chars on the new realm just like a script they use now. Bad idea. Very bad jugdement.
  14. yea what does " beta release " exactly mean ? is this realm meant to stay or to be seen as an "open beta" stage before a real release?
  15. Starting with what clases?

    are ther RBGs in wotlk or was that introduced later ?