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  1. Warsong is open!

    I admire mine, too.
  2. Warsong is open!

    "Will" as in has not already happened? I had both ZG mounts, damn. Rip.
  3. Let's make feenix great again

    This is a terrible haiku because "LFM" is three syllables and "BT" is two syllables which makes the second line a total of 10 syllables. Even if you tried to say the acronym for LFM it would be two syllables.
  4. Warsong is open!

    I'm confused. Did they wipe the old characters?
  5. Is Feenix worth it?

    I would say that, yes, it's worth it. This is the most stable server there is with a pretty robust population.
  6. Merry Christmas Feenix!

    Merry Christmas, gentiles.
  7. How to Link?

    I was very drunk last night. Couldn't figure out shit about nothin.
  8. How to Link?

    Luv u
  9. How to Link?

    Yes, how did you do that? My sig only works because I haven't edited it since they affected the changes years ago. *Edit: I also forgot how to do it. Sue me.
  10. How to Link?

    I am trying to link to the WoW1 database. Say I want to do this: https://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?item=18308 But I want to link it as a type format... Pre-Raid BIS: Helm: https://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?item=18308Clever Hat with the colored "Clever Hat" being the hyperlink. Basically I want it to read: Pre-Raid BIS: Helm: Clever Hat (with the "Clever Hat" being a hyperlink to the WoW DB item)
  11. Chinese Civil War

    Maybe we will be lucky and the Chinese will actually go to war with themselves.