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  1. The Egregious Guide to Wearing Pretty Purples

    It is not individually better than the T1 helm. I think (taking into account the net gain of stats) it's one of the least shitty pieces to choose from when going for T2 3pce while keeping BIS in mind. The difference shouldn't be too major, and the survivability is definitely better with T2 chest. However, it's a shit ton of +healing on the Robes and it is hard to make up for. Lok'amir is better, as I've mentioned before, if you can afford the loss of MP5 and if no Priest will get it over you.
  2. The Egregious Guide to Wearing Pretty Purples

    Good players aren't so egotistical that they don't allow for the possibility of error. Regardless, it doesn't stop the +healing to LHW being useless on essentially any fights save C'Thun, 4HM and Kel'Thuzad. Which happens to be the same encounters (at least on progression) where the reincarnation totem is the best. And people assume I am a narcissist. *I'd also like to add something I didn't feel was necessary... but apparently is. It is irrelevant whether or not you need the 8 reincarnations, just having reincarnation come off CD earlier is superior to a negligible amount of healing on a spell you should hardly ever use. However, if you've been on farm forever, you're right, you shouldn't need 8 reincarnations per night. That's obviously not the purpose of this fcuking guide.
  3. The Egregious Guide to Wearing Pretty Purples

    When I do the best healing in the game... it's not accomplished through LHW. Additionally, if you were to add up all the healing you do with LHW in the entire raid instance, and any healing you do after you Ankh... I guarantee you the healing you do after your Ankh would be higher, not to mention more impactful. Lastly, if you have 2/2 Imp Reincarnation, the totem reduces the CD by an additional 25%. This means you will have an Ankh every half hour, which amounts to 8 Reincarnations per raid night (assuming 4 hour raid). That's in contrast to 6 Reincarnations in the same amount of time without the totem. Please tell me that a negligible amount of healing to one of your infrequently used tools is better than the ability to rez yourself two extra times per raid night?
  4. Hello eGorgeous/eGregious

    Good to see you are still active. You are probably aware of Crestfall which we hope will be the next progression for private servers.

    Your resto shaman guide is a work of art and deserves to be more widely read. Would you consider posting it + editing on the Shaman forums there or would you give me permission to do the same with credits attached?

    You might not give a damn anymore but I do feel you are strongly committed to the shaman community.

    With /respect


  5. Hello :3

    Your mana will be an issue if you simply spam heal anything from mid to high ranks. You need to have an array of spell ranks for your heals and select the one that best fits the amount of damage missing from your target's health pool and the type of damage you expect to happen in the near future. Never stop casting but, if the target that you have selected will not benefit from the cast, cancel your cast before it is completed and begin another cast. Practice will be your best teacher.
  6. The Egregious Guide to Wearing Pretty Purples

    Added an MC BIS list by popular demand. Credit to Lehto for helping me fill in several key items.
  7. The Egregious Guide to Resto Shaman

    Edited to fix links.
  8. The Egregious Guide to Wearing Pretty Purples

    Updated to fix links.
  9. Warsong is open!

    I admire mine, too.
  10. Warsong is open!

    "Will" as in has not already happened? I had both ZG mounts, damn. Rip.
  11. Let's make feenix great again

    This is a terrible haiku because "LFM" is three syllables and "BT" is two syllables which makes the second line a total of 10 syllables. Even if you tried to say the acronym for LFM it would be two syllables.
  12. Warsong is open!

    I'm confused. Did they wipe the old characters?