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  1. Imfake & Chrillex Dual PoV - WSG

    try "better THAN you obv" and you might make sense.
  2. xeekUI 1.12 (TukUI rebuilt)

    hows other resolution work goin?
  3. Took you 17min as a premade to win vs 5 ppl? : ))))))
  4. Imfake & Chrillex Dual PoV - WSG

    Awesome - gogo wcm nauw.
  5. ok mejt. u cen lickk my apadravya if u want : )))))))))) i get plesure AND you. winwinwinwinwinw situationz
  6. Shinatawa queues with evold and met a horde premade (parabol, losingyou and them nigz) Shinatawa and Evold is in a pug alliance grp, with only 8 people in total. And they win 3-0 Horde premades - So bad its not even funny.
  7. elixxi-supreme fire part 1

    Also - the quality is so bad, don't even try to improve unless you can get better quality.
  8. elixxi-supreme fire part 1

    I like how you post the video and expect people to be like "Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymn man, awesome intro!!" But no, people gave fair thoughts to you, as it's... well.... bad. And no, people dont say it's bad if it isn't. If you look at the Zzi video it got loads of great response. l2p.
  9. WSD vs Premade - FC/Assist PoV

    loel they butthurt cuz they cudnt DODGE u, h3h3hh3h3hh3 u roxxx
  10. Pet dynamic attack speed

    Oh, it said panther, didnt really read.
  11. Pet dynamic attack speed

    Wrong info about the ZG raptor. 0.9 attack speed. 115 dps without TS aura, 130 with.