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  1. <Conservative> disbanded

    shut up nerd xd
  2. lel date humping nice guy

    pownaqe pls. enough of your real life pics of random discussion threads beter shove that mid finger up your anal suka)
  4. Best Mad SS 2014 - Post yours!

  5. Every spec in game is nice guy

    liebe pls.

    hehe ironic indeed though maybe their priority shouldn't be chasing lvl 60 but rather fixing other shit thats going on it's just sad these chars means nothing to me so you don't get your satisfaction sorry why do i even bother writing what does this has to do anything is this real life cheers (p.s. it's really fun thinking outside the box with these bugged 60 bosses, each individual a different way to be killed try it sometimes you'll see) hi.
  7. <Melody> Bitch (The Black Movie)

    i had p0rn playing in my background thought some1 was humping on vent... + the voice of the black dude

    hahahaha aweeesome i pity my lock konntra, had big ambitions with him
  9. Tomek pwp

    well i guess you dont know each other gameplay very good since u happen to be doing these kind of mistakes also i see you vigorously trying to keep x-0 score, might be the reason of you both being super frustrated
  10. BG premades (A)

    never heard any of these 3 names random cunts... glad on balkan realm on blizard? idiot weak shit+gei
  11. 4 Trinflames

    Anlady IRL king!
  12. (US) NightTime Arena

    move to europe, amerifat