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  1. Rated Arena ! -

    why wont it happen maaaaaaaajt?
  2. [Release planning] Storm is coming

    Crying crying crying
  3. [Release planning] Storm is coming

  4. ahahahahahahahahahah this thread is legendery:)
  5. Respect

    Well then it´s good if we have a site where people can always se what population it is, becuase I se that alot of people really asking about the population now when I have done some research I se that It´s really needed.
  6. Respect

    There are times where you joke, and there are times where you are serious, you have no idea about those times, I suggest you to find them before you reply again to this topic.
  7. Respect

    So becuase he opened a new topic people" invite them selves" to the topic and troll? is that how it works? To make them feel unwanted? Well thats something new for me:)what a nice welcome..... in my eyes it´s lack of respect.
  8. Population

    Your welcome mate:)
  9. Population

    I´m on currently playing on Warsong(Vanilla), I have no idea if the TBC server is any good but I´ve heard it´s decent, but I would say Vanilla.
  10. Population

    Peak around 3000, and normally around 1000
  11. Respect

    Yeah, and not just that, they will even bring their friends here. And that results in a bigger and more famous community.
  12. Respect

    Hello Feenix Community! Really fun to se alot of people having awesome sense of mood, and how they speak and answer some questions in the this Forum. Well I have seen alot of people trying to start playing on the server and asking some questions about the server, but they get some weird answers back, well I understand that you like to joke and are in a good mood all the time, but seriously why can´t people just respect the questions and type back with respect and loyalty, u represent Feenix community, represent it in a good way. I´m not saying that I you can´t have fun on the server or on the forums, atleast try to be respectful and nice to the new people that are trying to join the server.
  13. Race change?

    lol, it´s same with when you ask someone " o hello what´s ur opinion about my outfit today", "well yeah very ugly" AUKWÖEAWEAW HOW CAN U SAY THAT,/ then why ask my opinion? o.O