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  1. !Help! cant find pvp movie

    Took me only a few seconds to find it:
  2. Kill her and don't be afraid - she won't be fighting back; apart from a group of 100hp skeletons attacking you at some point of course. You'll figure it out =)
  3. Mystic Dawnstone

    Still waiting :3
  4. Using multi right after aimed shot?

  5. Need a macro command help!

    In order to use modifiers different from shift-alt-ctrl you would need to make registry changes and that's not from within WoW. Aka You can't use mouse buttons as a modifier unless you've got a desire to invest some time in it.
  6. I can vouch for this guy doing nothing in BGs. He technically isn't AFK as he is moving about, however his gear is as green as ever no matter how much honor he racks up. Reporting him AFK will never work as he's got some noble quest to be active dead weight. Getting this guy banned? I hardly doubt that. With a slight poke of sarcasm as to why I think like that would probably get me a ban instead.
  7. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    In hindsight - yep
  8. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    I did and I continue being so; I've given some hints as to why I returned for the weekend in the first place and have yet to meet a person here who'd actually be able to comprehend the reasons behind me playing even to an average extent.
  9. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    Perfection includes me having to play WoW for this weekend. Which is another long story with an extremely surreal plot Dragnu the shit leveling hunter is on the move.
  10. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    I see what you mean for obvious reasons. And thank you for your honest kind words; it was a bumpy road back then but well worth it and you did well, too. You managed to balance me quite good until I really got girly about many things. But since it's a long story we might as well give it a go on Skype since otherwise we would scare away new recruits Edit: JOIN LCT PEOPLE! It was and always will be a guild with a soul. Drop me a Skype line in PM (if you find your old post-it note with my Skype contact on it you can rest assured that it's not in use 99%+0.9% of the time).
  11. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    I guess if I had the time and if there was a good enough server to return to I would. And without Sil WoW isn't the same anymore and I know that for a fact that he's not planning to return; even to CC. Other than that I kind of miss dicking about.
  12. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    Hihi. Extremely long story of an extremely long year short - pretty much perfect. Had to drop by the forums though (have been here before lurking around) because my spies with their little eyes spied something like Liebe reforming LCT so I just had to log my lovely account of many posts. And how are you doing?
  13. [A] <Lower City Thugs> PvP

    I give you my blessing. Now get cracking and do a proper rebuild.