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  1. You need to use a TBC client, vanilla client dont work no moar.
  2. Warsong population jumped from 1 to 12 last night. Was crazy as hell!
  3. Health Pools of naxx

    It is a very old video, made long before Naxx was even launched on Warsong. Back then the bosses had that low HP, but they were quickly hotfixed after americunts bumrushed first wing on the first night. Boss health has changed several times to match other changes on the server, the values shown in that video were retail values, which proved to be waaaay too easy.
  4. Nuxxy Level 60 Mage Pvp

    How did you break sheep, rocket helmet and iceblock at the same time?
  5. You are wasting a lot of bagslots on things you don't need, or bringing too much of certain consumables. 60 mana pots and 60 dark/demonic runes is a bit overkill. New bosses may require a bit more, but normally you can get away with bringing 20-30 of each. You don't need 4 stacks of water, get 1-2 stacks and resupply later if needed (waste of space). Scroll of stamina should be placed under "Situational", and you don't need 4 stacks. Only a few bosses require healers to reach very high HP so spending 5-6g on every boss is a bit of a waste. I usually bring 6 stacks of candles to a raid, and i don't think i have ever ran out before the end of the raid. 11 stacks is way too much. Normally you are in a raid with 3-5 other priests so you spend 4-6 candles each attempt (2 groups each). 20 attempts brings the total to 4-6 stacks. Most of the "Situational" buffs are just waste of bagslots. You will need those bagslots for "special" items (such as +hit gear, Onyxia cloak, AQ40 mount and so on).

    This was pretty common back in the day before all this GDKP and GBID madness. MS>OS of course (MS is the role you joined as) and every time you won a roll your, next rolls were reduced by 10 (or any other set number). Prevents people from just rolling on everything, and it keeps people who already won a roll able to still get loot (and not leaving because they are loot/gold banned).
  7. Questhelper: Leveling guide: http://www.joanasworld.com/azeroth.htm (Horde, can't find alliance guide sorry). Bonusscanner: (Get the big addon pack from forum)
  8. Bunneh's Raiding Shadowpriest Guide

    Haven't done Loatheb in a while, so not sure how it is now but i think it triggered the debuff back in the days, either that or you couldn't cast it when you had the debuff. In any case it was easier to just save mana for the last phase when healing was needed. And yes, we stacked shadowpriests like crazy (4-6 normally) with 1-3 druids. DPS never having to bandage gave sexy boost = )))
  9. Bunneh's Raiding Shadowpriest Guide

    Shadowpriest supreme healer on loatheb Had mana issues without innervates and chainpotting/runing.
  10. Bunneh's Raiding Shadowpriest Guide

    You shouldn't use R1 spamming as a general rule, but it is a decent way to setup or keep up 5/5 weaving on "special" bosses. Used it a bit on e.g. C'thun (before weakened phase) and Loatheb (to save mana for VE healing).
  11. Dwarf priest or night elf priest?

    This is why people ask about your progress, it is very obvious that you have no clue on how things actually work in endgame raids. You look at numbers and calculations instead of how things actually work in practice. You assume that every fight is the same and everything always runs smoothly with no random events ever happening.
  12. Dwarf priest or night elf priest?

    Jindo is under the impression that it is easy and quick to change out players on the spot when you need to for a raid. In his perfect world there is no such thing as lag, DCs or enemy players camping the raid entrance preventing swopping of players, theres only unicorns, rainbows, and kittens dancing in the meadows. But in the real world you bring the minimum required class for the hardest boss. So when it comes to Naxx, you do actually need up to 12 healers (and some use up to 14 for 4HM, it depends on tactic used). This is because having to keep people on standby, or having to go out of Naxx to summon people (which requires 3 people suiciding) is a huge pain in the arse. Even though certain fights can be done with 4-6 healers you bring enough for the whole instance. Progress proves experience, and when you are spewing your crap all over without even checking the correct spells, it's understandable that people would want to probe further into your history.
  13. Dwarf priest or night elf priest?

    Omg this is just too funny.
  14. Dwarf priest or night elf priest?

    True, you need 5. The 6th can be a dwarf, but seeing as he is Shadow (and can't use FW without dropping shadowform) it doesn't matter.