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  1. <Resurrection Gaming> (EU) progress guild

    lets do this boys
  2. Unbelievers!

    free stuff
  3. What was your favorite Emerald dream moment?

    oh i forgot... Yimbo Vent Gogo
  4. RT / RT-Cow (you ok?)

    Oh and how about you faggots don't put a pw on your ts without telling me what the pw is.
  5. RT / RT-Cow (you ok?)

    Throw away your passport and pretend you come from Syria and you're all good.
  6. New Hope

  7. Free transfer?

    Frostwolf Howler
  8. I re-rolled Warsong from Emerald Dream and I love it.

    i still want my druid back rip in pepperoni betrayed best druid warsong
  9. PvP Weapon Choice Question

    bik dik twin sward It is (and looks) the best.
  10. Sooo... Anaaz... :)

  11. Free transfer?

    Merge 'em all into Archangel.