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  1. Cutest Tauren

    Azuroscow, Tyon or Runar. All of em' veri cute.
  2. I wish you guys the best and good luck. You did great back on Warsong few years ago. Tankz leading again? If so - you go dude!
  3. What are you guys up to now anyway?
  4. Come visit my livestream and get to know me!

  5. wtb resto shamans! Come come :>
  6. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    Ingenium orange nr.2! Meni swag
  7. It's been emoitional

    Best accent EU! Sad to see you go - good luck with whatever you do man.
  8. WTB Onyxia Scale Cloak

    Hey. Our guild Ingenium could maybe help you. We are Horde side though but we can of course use the neutral auction house. You should try to contact either Neyel, Milkdonor or Stixx in game. We are raiding on thursdays and sundays so try any of those days on the evening, server time. Good luck
  9. Starting on ED! Alliance

    Thanks alot guys! Didn't expect something like that from a Guild Master Anyway, people come back to me for crafts for a reason. Even if there's other people available to craft the stones. They trust me
  10. Starting on ED - from AA

    Welcome to ED! Hit me up for free bags 12-16 slot.
  11. Starting on ED! Alliance

    Welcome to ED! Hit me up for free bags 12-16 slot.
  12. Gief styleens please. Holy priests come our way please.
  13. Best bump for best guild
  14. Hit me up for elemental sharpening stone crafting, or nightfall, or anything else. WTB work